FTG Gamescom 2012 Hands-on: Hawken

FTG writes- The demo lasted one multiplayer match of six vs. six and began with each of us picking a loadout. You could choose six different mechs: three light and three medium. Each of them with their own advantages and disadvantages. After that customization it came down to weaponry. Each mech had two primary and secondary fire weapons to choose from. Primary fire is obviously your main form of attack and is generally a machine gun, rifle or something similar. There is no ammo but if you over-use the weapon it’ll overheat. Then there will be a cooldown period when you can’t use it. Secondary fire is heavy weaponry such as rocket launchers, but you can only use them every once in a while because they have a cooldown period after each use. You can choose your other equipment, which are things such as grenades or mines.

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