How the Freemium Model Would Affect Your Favourite Games

Take the current trend in free-but-not-free mobile gaming and apply it to consoles... what would happen? TGR take a look forward in time...

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LinLeigh2787d ago

That would be the day I stop gaming. I like to see the cost at the moment of purchase and not be lured and manipulated into spending money down the line.

Okay stopping might be a bit harsh, I would probably just go back and play all the great games I have missed over the years.

deletingthis346753342787d ago

You'll be as good at the game as the cash you spend on it. Free MMOs make for a perfect example. Why grind for two months straight when you can just blow your entire paycheck on the best weapons and armour and get the same results in only 2 minutes? While the games may be free to play, you will end up spending money to win. I am not looking forward to a future dominated by a freemium business model.