FTG Gamescom 2012 Hands-On: Neverwinter

FTG writes- Neverwinter is coming back, except this time, it’s not coming back as a Bioware-developed RPG. Instead it will debut as free-to-play MMO developed by Criptic Studios. We got hands-on with one of the early game missions, which played very similar to a dungeon. You follow a linear path to your objective, hit a few switches to open doors, kill a few elite enemies or mini-bosses, only to kill the big bad guy defending the crate with some good loot.

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ATi_Elite2787d ago

Good cause I'm sick of Bioware, they have become so Generic thanks in part to EA corrupting them.

Action MMORPG sounds really good as Action MMO's are the future!

May I suggest they slow down development, go play Guild Wars 2 for a while then look at Neverwinter and say "can we compete with GW2" if not then STEP your Game Up!