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Considering games are set in virtual realms, sequels can be unnecessarily ecological- salvaging, recycling and reusing the prevailing components of their predecessors. Darksiders II is the atypical follow-up offering an extensive redesign; whole systems have been renovated while new mechanics have been added.

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JRPGLuva2776d ago

Any word on how the PC version rates against the console one?

madmad2776d ago

I heard the PC port is solid, but doesn't have enough tick boxes to customize performance.

JRPGLuva2776d ago

I'll wait for a patch then. Still, price is tempting.

RaptorMan2776d ago

I'm about 15 hours in and loving it.

CharmingMan2776d ago

Some people are saying possible GOTY, but I don't know. Sounds fun though.

Captain Qwark 92776d ago

beats any game ive played this year. only two on par with it are mass effect 3 and the witcher 2 ( 360 ) imo