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zornik4325d ago

OK...i just played the demo but gametrailers mist out on a few things that spoils the fun.Dino's attack from all sides and you never know where they are because somebody forgot to put a radar in al that high tech equipment.Turok also is a FPS icon because of the insane cool weapons but the developers equip you with the most standard weapons and THAT goes beyond my expectations.I'm just going to buy this game when it gets around 25 dollars.I also agree with the cool dino graphics but the rest of the game/invironment is to bland.Older games like Just Cause are better in the environment departement.

CBaoth4325d ago

I'll rent this over a weekend for sh1ts and giggles but I agree - the weapons like the cerebral bore made the original games fun. These guns are beyond bland. And to make matters worse, you can't kill indiscriminately with the knife - it's all an R2 cutscene or nothing. Yeah, brilliant. I sure hope the dev who thought of taking a FPS, centered on revenge and killing both human/dino prey, and gimping the central gameplay mechanic so horrendously isn't still receiving a paycheck.

Iron Man 24325d ago

I though the demo was okay,I still might buy the full game;)

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The story is too old to be commented.