Top 5 Dumbest Moments in Gaming 2012 So Far

On top of all the successes video games accomplished this year, it’s interesting how we remember the embarrassing moments more. The failures, disappointments, and laughable “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” moments. Here are Rant Gaming’s Top 5 Dumbest Moments in Gaming 2012 so far.

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smashman982783d ago

As an author you should be ashamed of your self putting in baseless assumptions about crash and spyro not being in the final product

Then there's the issue of beyond 2 souls I personally haven't heard many people knock the game. I like many others are excited to play his new title

robinburks2783d ago

There's this thing. It's called punctuation. Please learn how to use it.

Second, an article is not lame just because you, personally, disagree with it.

theodopolopolus2783d ago

You came off as a bit of a ponce there, mate.
And the author is being presumptuous, how does he know the final roster for PSABR?

Nimblest-Assassin2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

No... its just that this is one of the most close minded articles I have ever had the displeasure of reading

5) Nintendoland- Is one of the few I agree with... ending the press conference with nintendoland is ridiculously underwhelming

4) PSABR- This is the sentence he made thats arrogant "A Sony Smash Bros. game!? What a great idea…in 2001. In 2012, Sony’s new game is pointless and laughable and has no place in this Nintendo dominated genre of game."

So what he is saying that there is no need for competition? That the idea and concept of the cross over fighter can only be done by one company? What about Capcom and MVC? What about Jump Allstars? Not only that, he goes on to say the game is a complete rippoff, not even mentioning the different mechanics... The excitement of the roster is all up to perspective... but If you had the basic understanding of how IP's work, and any knowledge... you would know that Activision owns Crash and Spyro... not Sony, and also THE THIRD PARTY'S CHOSE THE CHARACTERS THAT GOES INTO THE GAME... "crappy" dante was given by capcom, you understand activision owns both... and even more arrogant on his part.... the full roster is not even revealed yet

3)Diablo- Another one I agree with

2) Beyond two Souls- This was the one that really bugged me... "David Cage makes movies, not games"... get that bulls*it out of here. He focuses on story over gameplay... thats how he wants to make his games, the same way thatgamecompany focuses on conveying emotion over story...thats how they want to make their games. Also, you realize how much it costs to make a movie compared to games? A shit ton more.. also with movies the scope of what they are trying to convey doesn't exist...




The game is not for everyone... i get that, but if you go on to say David Cage should make a movie... you can f**k right of. You don't need gameplay for that type of game... its called point and click... ever heard of the genre? Walking Dead? Pheonix Wright? Ever heard of those?

Oh and BTW... Beyond has sanbox gameplay in which you use the environment to solve puzzles... do some research before you write anything

1) Wondebook- I agree, they wasted way to much time on it in their presentation, and it was one of the huge reasons sonys conference was not good

In the end... this is a obnoxious piece, in which 2 of the things are judging games that have not come out yet... and is furthered even more that the writer is obnoxious, by replying to one of the comentators "U MAD BRO"

Please look at the state of video game journalism... when half assed opinion pieces make up 90% of it, and actual news might be 10% or less

HammadTheBeast2783d ago


Or start your first sentence with "Firstly" or "First of all".

See? We can all be grammar d***s on the internetz.

Theangrybogan2783d ago

Its a comment on a website dude, not an article. you can't come up with a legitimate arguement so you pick on someones punctuation instead, because there's no punctuation smashmans comment is factually incorrect? You sir/madam, are a bully.

Outside_ofthe_Box2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

***"I was optimistic that his next game wouldn’t be another interactive DVD menu, and he would focus on making engaging gameplay or at least make it a GAME."***

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are games, period. People have no trouble calling Guitar Hero a game, but are quick to question whether or not David Cage's games are in fact games when Guitar Hero and Heavy Rain both essentially require you to react and press the button that is shown on screen...

calis2783d ago

"There's this thing. It's called punctuation. Please learn how to use it. "

There's also this thing called grammar.

"Second, an article is not lame just because you, personally, disagree with it."

That is the very definition of lame.

SilentNegotiator2782d ago

Han Solo danced to pop music.....and this nut put "Beyond 2 souls" on his list.

I smell a playstation hater.

Strakken2782d ago

Wow' *Grammar Bitch Cough*

Septic2782d ago

This guy is blatantly a Sony hater. What a poor article. Maybe he should add a sixth 'dumbest' moment in gaming and put his article on there. For shame.

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ronin4life2783d ago

Regardless, spyro isn't even Sony. It's still a 3rd party franchise...>.<;;

iamnsuperman2783d ago

and crash is owned by Activision at the moment. I do not expect them to make an appearance

jsslifelike2783d ago

#2 fail?

Using a cumbersome, oafish word like "Dumbest" in the title.

shadow27972783d ago

Which is a shame. I feel like third-parties are hampering the cast a lot.

It's still great but Crash and Spyro are essential, and Square Enix, who isn't contributing any characters, could have given the game Cloud, Lara Croft, and Sora or someone similar from Kingdom Hearts.

Add those 5 and there would be very few complaining about "well-known" characters.

ChrisW2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


A cumbersome, oafish word?

Last I checked, "dumbest" is a short, easy to pronounce, and grammatically correct word.

Words with similar meanings like "platitudinous" and "besotted" might be considered cumbersome to some people because not only of their difficulty to pronounce, but the lack of chances to use.

Oh and, "oafish" can easily be found under "dumb" in a thesaurus.

But hey! There's no better way to expand your lexicon than by looking up and trying to use new words... Just try not to overstep your limits by too much.

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Thatguy-3102783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Beyond shouldn't be here. Heavy Rain was a wonderful experience and i honestly want another game like it. Though its gameplay is simple i honestly prefer to play it in oppose to many games that get release. He's only criticising one element of a whole game which is pretty dumb to down grade the title for. Story, character development, replayability etc. are as important as gameplay and frankly that's where David's cage games Excel at. So beyond is way up on my wish list.

Anon19742783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Yeah, this guy clearly has an axe to grind. So Sony can't make a fighting game using a bunch of characters because...there have been similar games in the past? Well, hell. I guess they should never make another first person shooter again. What is this? 1992? And I'm sure you've played a lot of Playstation All Stars. Oh, you haven't? You're basing your criticism on a game you haven't played? I see....

I'm gonna let the comments regarding Two Souls pass because it's clear he never played Heavy Rain and is just wholly ignorant as to what these games are about. And, again, he's judging a game that hasn't been released yet for being "dumb" Yeah, there's a word for that.

As for the criticism of Wonderbook. "Any hope that game had at being a big hit for the PS Move was shattered in those embarrassing 20 minutes."
Ah yes. Because the entire demographic that makes up the market for a Harry Potter themed storybook was just glued to E3 and was suddenly, en masse, turned off by the length of that presentation.

I mean, if you want to pin Sony with dumb moments this year, how about the lack of original Vita titles? Or Microsoft opting out of Gamescom?

Do you want a do over with this article? I dunno, maybe sleep on it and come back to us tomorrow or something? Because you had something with the lackluster Nintendo E3 showing and the launch troubles with Diablo 3 but the rest of the criticisms, I don't know... It's not about being a Sony guy, I freely admit that I am - but it just feels like these points weren't all that well thought out. I mean, like the Wonderbook thing, the people who are the market for this heard "new Harry Potter" and they were in. It could have been "New Harry Potter temporary tattoos." You can't honestly believe the market for this product was a) Watching E3 or b) Gives a damn that the presentation was a little long.

showtimefolks2783d ago

Dude stop hating on all star battle royal. Enough already and for your kind information Nintendo didn't nest this genre. When there are many great fighting games why can't we have 2 games for 2 different consoles with totally different characters. I think now it's just a cool thing to hate on this game but when it sells well which it will than yall will see that the market is big enough to support 2 or more.

I want MS to do it too with halo,gears,fable,perfect dark zero etc characters

How about this ou stop playing David cage's games Han? Stop this hate man I bet you didn't play Asura wrath which is a awesome game notice how I said game who the fuck are you to tell none what is a game or movie. So a game has to give you a damn gun or RPG elements for it to be called a game? Sorry about the language but this article is written by a moron

Wonderbook isn't going after core market it's like kinect different market of gamers and E3 presentation sucked but at gamescom Sony actually showed this thing can work and with Disney and others on board this thing could be a huge huge hit for Sony.

Heavy rain sold over 2 million so many gamers thought it was a game and we don't need you to tell us it's a movie, by that standard many games are movies.

So unless a developer gives ou a gun in your hand it's not a game

People like you are the reason gamers are not taken serious and still many consider us to be nerdy spoiled babies. Yeh click disagree all you want it's n4g where blind fanboys and stealth trolling is at its finest

zebramocha2783d ago

Yeah,I've seen people attacking wonderbook like it was meant for core gamers,everything about was meant for a different market and I don't get why some people can't get that.

Reverent2783d ago

Zebramocha speaks the truth. Seriously, if something doesn't interest a person, they immediately decide to attack it. Some people are so selfish that they think everything HAS to be targeted for them. Such immaturity.

poopsack2783d ago

Gamers have to understand Playstation has always been about a much bigger market than just hardcore gamers. Their market is among the most diverse in the industry, so E3 is going to reflect that.

kariyanine2782d ago

@zebramocha my issue with Wonderbook isn't that it is marketed at a different demo, its that it is targeted at my kids, all of whom enjoy rading, and they have no interest in it. If my five, seven and nine year old kids don't care about it who does?

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Blastoise2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Very unprofessional. Hating on Beyond: two souls because its more movie than game? Seriously we had this kind of bull back in 2010 with heavy rain. It focuses on having choices that develop the story rather than gameplay, you know? like Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and the walking dead?

"Nintendo’s Smash Bros. series has dominated this genre of fighting game for 12 years" So? So Sony shouldnt make a fighting game? Should Little big planet not have been released because Mario's a big seller? Ridiculous.

Wonderbook not working was a fail admittedly, but number one spot? Nah.

The fact that the author replies to the comments with "U mad bro?" pretty much sums it up.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I'm surprised no one has said what everyone is thinking <_<

Ok, ok i'll say it. Author is A BIASED FANBOY DOUCHE!!!!


LOL nah i'm joking. But seriously terrible article. Give it up & keep your day job buddy.

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Sephris2783d ago ShowReplies(2)
smashcrashbash2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

So Big Daddy, Toro, and Heihachi are obscure? So what are Ness, Mr Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, ROB and Pit? Characters that are older then Parappa, Sweet Tooth and Spike and haven't been used in decades. At least they have modern relevance on their side. Most people don't even know who Ice Climbers are. I was a Nintendo fanboy back in the day and even I don't know who they are. Also what makes the author think we are not getting Crash and/or Spyro. Unless he can see into the future he doesn't know that.

No offense but please stop trying to pretend that SSB had any wealth of characters to boast about. They ran out of characters so fast they had to resort to having three versions of Link, two version of Mario, King Dee Dee Dee, Sonic and Snake that aren't even official Nintendo characters and a bunch of retro characters so old that only the most rabid of Nintendo fanboys even remember.Nintendo made Mario Kart so much they started using Piranha Plants, green turtles and baby versions of Mario and friends. Oh yeah that shows a wealth of characters/s. Nintendo has so many characters that they have to scrape together things like Pokemon trainer, Mr Game and Watch, Toon Link and Sonic just to fill a roster

Look I know it's your opinion and all but it is a lame opinion. Just thought I would tell you. The fact that people keep saying that Nintendo's character work so well together just shows the ignorant fanboy they are. You cry that Evil Cole might be a character but you take three versions of Link without a single protest or tear.Half the characters in SSB were five times bigger while others were practically microscopic.King Koopa and Ness stuck out like sore thumbs.

Who ever said that Ness, Pokemon Trainer and Jiggly Puff looked good fighting Samus, Snake and Marth just shows the kind of delusions rabid fanboys have. Sly and Parappa look no stranger next to Drake or Kratos in comparison. People played MVC with Mega man and Roll verses Magneto and Wolverine and not a single person cried 'that is stupid' you played without blinking an eye.And yet Drake looks bad next to Fat Princess.

AlexSpriggs2783d ago

I think the important thing to take away from the article is that Sony is 12 years late to the party. This game is going to be very difficult for them to get a hit off of simply because of the huge shadow Super Smash Bros has over the genre. Perhaps they won't have to surpass SSB in creativity, but they sure as hell better have solid gameplay mechanics from the start. SSB has had 12 years to get their gameplay mechanics solidified and they may not be perfect, but they are much more matured then a brand new game would have. And if this game doesn't have something new to bring to the table or mechanics that are on par or better then SSB, people will just go straight back to Nintendo.

To me, the problem with the game isn't the characters, and I am very happy to see this game finally being released, but as a game developer I fear for how the game does in market due to these huge leaps Sony has to make to be fairly compared to SSB.

In the end, I think Sony's best bet would be to make their game significantly different from SSB, rather then just a new set of characters to play as. The answer to whether this game is a good idea or not will come from the differences in the gameplay, the mechanics, and inevitably, if this game truly will become a remake of SSB but for Sony characters, the comparison between the two games.

smashcrashbash2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Again with that phrase too late to the party. So that supposed to be the reason way you think it won't do well? The only reason that it won't do well is the constant comparison to SSB. It's not SSB. It isn't. No matter how much you say it is, it isn't.It's like all the people who refuse to accept Puppeteer and keep calling it LBP3 and all sorts of crap. You refuse to give PASBR a chance because the only thing you can think about is that it is like SSB. That's all.

You don't really care if it is good or not. I played every single clone of Street Fighter, MK and Battle Arena Tosinden many of them with no change in mechanics or anything and never ever gave it a thought. Like all the people who keep saying PASBR will fail because Sony is not Nintendo and that is the only reason they come up with. No matter how much people say they are enjoying the game we always have to come back to how it is or isn't like SSB.That is all that puts your minds at ease that it's not SSB. I expect this type of $hit from sites and authors looking for hits but not from gamers themselves.This is the type of ignorance that makes me ashamed of this gen. NOTHING can live side by side ANYTHING else.

I loved Infamous and stupid idiots couldn't leave Prototype out of it no matter what and all they can talk about is how Prototype 2 beats Infamous. So many good games go down because you can get out of the rut of comparison and competition.That is what will spoil this game. Reviewers and rabid Nintendo fans tearing it apart at every turn trying to say how it is or isn't like SSB no matter if it is true or not. Look how many of these types of games there were back then. Did anyone care who was 'copying' who? Did anyone care that Nintendo 'copied' them? No.But modern gamers can't sleep at night unless they are making comparisons. Puppeteer is NOT LBP people keep saying. It isn't even the same mechanics, developer or anything. But because the boy walks and jumps like Sackboy because he is a PUPPET they turn it off immediately and say 'I don't like LBP so I don't want this game' labeling the game before it even sees the light of day.

No sense is used at all these days and no one cares.Everyone is a lynch mob ready to descend on anything that even looks like it might be a threat.If it fails it fails. Games fail all the time.But stop with the ridiculous reasons. PASBR shouldn't fail because it has the wrong Dante or how relevant or iconic you think some one is or or isn't.Heihachi is not irrelevant for instance. Every Sony and Tekken fan knows who he is.

Reverent2783d ago

@smashcrashbash, LOL at the people who actually thought Prototype (1 or 2) was better than either Infamous game.

Prototype was fun... For an hour or two. Infamous was deep, exciting, and had actually memorable characters.

In all honesty, I did play completely through both Prototype games and had a ton of fun, but like you said, the games simply shouldn't be compared (Even though Infamous was still a much better game from a development standpoint).

kane_13712783d ago

Sony PlayStation just turned 16 or 17
They needed to wait to build this game.
Nintendo didn't release Smash bros first before their 3rd console.
Sony is doing exactly the same thing.
That is the way it is done, you need characters, or else...

poopsack2783d ago

I was unaware there was a timeframe for when games needed to be made. This article states that Sony shouldnt even bother at this point because Nintendo has dominated the genre for 12 years, against who exactly? Should Microsoft not have introduced the first Xbox because Playstation and Nintendo were already such big names?

Hicken2783d ago

Um, wtf?

SSB casts a big shadow over the genre? I guess they can get out of that shadow if they DON'T make a game in the genre.

You know what I don't get? How is it that you and so many of the detractors of this game have forgotten that THIS IS WHAT SONY FANS WANTED? To be honest, I could not care less what any Nintendo or SSB fan has to say about this game, because the damn thing wasn't made for them. Your "opinion" on All Stars tells me you haven't played it, so it's not worth much.

All in all, this article seems petty. All this time later, the author's only opinion on Beyond is from the original footage at E3, and his very comments admit he doesn't know there's been gameplay available SINCE that very conference. His impression on Wonderbook is the same: based on outdated, incomplete information.

Diablo, I can see him having problems with, but even that situation isn't a "dumbest moment." And I missed Nintendoland, so I dunno what that one was like. Still, as I stress frequently: this stuff isn't for us; it's for the press and others in the industry. We're just lucky we get to see.

ShinMaster2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"rather then just a new set of characters to play as"

Wow, is this how little some people know?
It plays nothing like SSB. It's got different mechanics and rules.
This game is obviously not meant for hardcore Nintendo fanboys. It's for the PlayStation fans who want it.
And there is no timeframe for when a game can or can't be made.

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Baka-akaB2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

That's a ridiculous complaint imo . For starters 12 years ago half the cast of "Sony bros" didnt even exist .

And whenever had the idea been conceptualized and done , it would still lack SSB's advantage of multiple sequels to polish the formula .

And hell by the author's and some people's logic we'd still only have Power stone .

" The fact that people keep saying that Nintendo's character work so well together just shows the ignorant fanboy they are."

I agree , i'm not convinced by the game so far ... but whoever is trying to argue that snake and samus among other things , fits with the rest of the Nintendo cast is clearly smoking something that i wanna share .

There no more synergy between captain falcon , samus and kirby , than between drake , radec and fat princess

AlexSpriggs2783d ago

I'm not complaining, just airing my concerns and hoping Sony pulls this one off.

Baka-akaB2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Not aiming at you but the author . So far i dont care either way , since the game has yet to convince me .

But the double standards and weird stuff keeps coming from the media

dafegamer2783d ago

lol so true at least all stars doesnt have clone characters. C'mon 6 mario characters,4 zelda characters
3 pokemon characters.Also the author is very selfish to think all gamers grew up with nintnedo characters
and sony characters doesnt matter. Shows the ignorance of a typical Wiitard

Euphio2783d ago

Dont jump to fanboy conclusions i only play my wii for megamanx virtual console. Also dont call people wiitards thats really rude and offensive.

rCrysis2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I swear...people these days. At least we're getting games from Sony. Sure I don't like Wonderbook and all that casual stuff but you're disappointed with PS All Stars? Beyond Two Souls? pfffft.

What disappoints me is Microsoft's lack of games (besides Halo 4), Nintendo's lack of prowess when delivering a 'next-gen' system I mean really?


Euphio2783d ago

All 3 companies aren't doing too hot in general. Indie devs and steam are whats keeping things alive for me.

srcBFMVBMTH2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Sony ain't doing well financially but are rockin it with the new games. Microsoft IS doing well financially but they have like NO NEW GAMES except casual shovelware. And Nintendo is just Nintendo. Lol

SamPao2783d ago

Some people just want to HATE! I dont understand it, really, whats wrong?
WE are gamers, we get games!