Newly resurrected Black Isle Studios hints at Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance III

The recently revived Black Isle Studios has started hinting at Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance III.

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JonahFalcon2775d ago

Please. I loved Dark Alliance 2. Still play it on occasion, too.

SamPao2774d ago

never really got into Dark Alliance 2 but DA1 was so awesome!

would be cool to have a number 3

Anon19742774d ago

This would be such good news. I've been waiting for a decent, co-op dungeon crawler this gen and so far nothing! Nada! Zip! I had such high hopes for Snowblind Studio's War in the North and it sounds like it was a bit of a mess.

Welcome back, Black Isle. We missed you. Now get to work, dammit!

Lord_Sloth2774d ago

Maybe this will increase the chances of a new Champions game from Sony...Return to Arms was epic.

DaPrintz2774d ago

Yeah I agree. A friend and I used to get so trashed playing through both Champions games. Not sure how many hundreds of hours we dumped into them.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2774d ago

...But... what about Ice Wind Dale? =-(

beerkeg2774d ago

I'd much rather have a Baldurs Gate 3.

MrChow6662774d ago

exactly! screw dark alliance, gimme Baldurs Gateeeeeee

NastyLeftHook02774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

awesome if ture, i love balders gate. make it a downloadable title.

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