Why Guild Wars 2 Is The Best MMO For Busy Adults

According to a recent study, the median video gamer age is 37 and has been gaming for well over a decade. The fact is, as the gaming generation has grown older, we’ve kept right on gaming. Our lifestyles may have changed; we may have increased responsibilities at work, less free time due to family obligations, and busy social lives outside of gaming, but we still make time for our favorite hobby. The great news for players like us is that ArenaNet may have created the perfect MMO for busy adults!

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kefkah2786d ago

Thought this was worth posting because it is so true. Last Pax I went to, it was like a high school reunion.

xseven2785d ago

hahaha. creepy.

I was looking at some statistics the other night, and like over half of the gaming population is in their late 20's on.