GotGame: Preview | 'Harold' Could Have the Heavenly Touch

GotGame: Being developed by Moonspider Studio, it’s CEO Loris Malek, who after searching high and low for a place to start the studio, ended up in Miami, has been in the gaming industry for some 10 years as a game designer. His goal, he says for his first title was to come up with something that had gameplay of about 6-8 hours worth, but that had the look and polish of a triple-A title. In doing so, he decided he wanted the game to have the look of a Disney movie; something so well designed, that you’d think it was an animated movie.

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MWH2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

i'm interested in this, keeping an eye on it.

Ramon3MR2775d ago

It didn't' look like much at first but I had a really good time playing it.