Guild Wars 2 Crafting Guide: Huntsman

The huntsman crafting discipline provides players with a means of crafting ranged weapons. Longbows, shortbows, harpoons and more can be made with this discipline, and these will be useful for most of the professions in the game. Guild Wars Insider has assembled a guide to cover this discipline.

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xseven2781d ago

I wish this had more gear for an elementalist... but I guess you cant have everything. haha

rdgneoz32780d ago

If you want a good crafting skill for an elementalist, try artificer. "Artificer — Foci, scepters, staves, tridents."

maawdawg2780d ago

yeah, Artificer/Tailor is probably the way to go on Elementalist. Even Jeweler makes sense for them.

xseven2779d ago

Yeah, every toon I've made I've started with Jewelcrafting... it seems like getting gear that goes in those secondary slots is hard to come by in the first 15 levels or so...

unless you want to drop karma