The Most Terrifying Raid Bosses Ever Conceived

Raid bosses are supposed to be epic and terrifying. You’re supposed to genuinely feel as though you and your group are confronting a greater being- a creature which views your characters as little more than pests. It’s something a lot of people have claimed to be missing in modern MMOs – long, difficult battles which absolutely necessitated top-tier skill, the best gear available, perfect timing, and total co-ordination.

Here’s a look back at some of the nastiest, toughest, and most terrifying bosses in the history of the MMO – a look back at a time when only the best of the best could even hope to take one down. These are the guys who laugh at the other bosses, who kick sand in the face of other raid mobs at the beach. Back then, if you ever planned to fight them, all anyone could say was “good luck.”

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