Let's Just Say It: GTAV Screens Could Very Well Be Next-Gen

Given the six new screenshots Rockstar has given us, we have to assume that in fact, powerful new hardware was required to produce such results.

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Emilio_Estevez2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

That powerful hardware is called a PC. They are doing what DICE did with BF3; Show everyone the beefed up PC version and later we'll find out what the consoles look like.

d0nni32784d ago

can only agree, not a chance it's current gen tech, unless they've employed some wizards and it's still way too early to be showing off next gen footage, when in all likelihood the tech is far from certain!

fathoms2784d ago

No, this is beyond what we saw with BF3 on the PC. Absolutely beyond if we're talking in-game.

BiggCMan2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

No it's not, not even close. It's more colorful of course, since BF3 is meant to be lots of grays, browns, and blues only. But these screens are not that impressive. Take a closer look

Look at the entire house, everything about it looks terrible, if you think that's next gen, or even better than BF3 on PC, you aren't looking hard enough. Look at those plants, the roof on the house, all terrible. Look at the people playing tennis, their heads look awful. Everything about that picture is insanely pixelated, very bad textures. I've seen every GTA 5 screenshot, and this is the worst one of them all, most of them look quite nice.

But saying that is "beyond" BF3 on PC? Dude come on, BF3 was made specifically for PC and ported to consoles, and the textures in it are astounding. Only being surpassed by The Witcher 2, or GTA 4 iCEnhancer mods, and maybe Skyrim with mods in it.

EDIT: let me just add that I am in NO way bashing the game at all, I am very excited for it, but graphically, I think people are just sucking up to Rockstar thinking that everything they do is gold. The game is not that good looking, it's just fact not opinion.

But that doesn't change the other fact that they are returning a lot of the stuff from the older games like bikes, jets, planes, parachutes etc.. More color instead of all the gray from 4, the game will be awesome no doubt.

Dee_912784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

give me a break
it looks like gta iv ... on consoles at that.
maybe you folks should go play gta iv then look at these screens
better looking environments same graphics dont = next gen.

ape0072784d ago

umm i don't know whether u need new glasses or new brain cells

Dee_912783d ago

I doubt posting this will do anything since apparently im retarded for having an opinion.the irony

if you dont see the vast similarities you need to reevaluate your life

paydayp2784d ago

i hope next gen can do better than this and better than battlefield 3 on pc cause i dont think that is a great generational leap

Half-Mafia2784d ago

Your going to be one sad puppy when you see that the next gen consoles wont beable to produce BF3 PC graphics on the highest settings at 1080p.

BiggCMan2784d ago

Next gen? Hmm, you could be right, but I think personally, that they will be about on par, and with PC by that time, being even more ahead than they are now. It's funny, as amazing as Battlefield 3 looks, they optimized it so well to look that good on even some pretty lower end computers. Like the recommended settings are a 560ti or above. I see people playing with the 400 series and still producing similar graphics and frame rates. The game was just made to run so well on any rig, I love that about it.

paydayp2783d ago

im not gonna be sad if they dont achieve greater graphics i could live with the consoles from now forever as long there is good gameplay

gameplay is always gonna be bigger than graphics for me

even story in a game is bigger than graphics in game for me even if is all text i dont care that much about graphics

but with every new generation comes better graphics so its normal to expect jumps in that department

thats why i hope they will achieve better cause with every generation the pc comes ahead at the end of it

and when the new gen starts they back on par en evolve almost similar for a good while pc is always gonna have plusses like more online people in the same game and stuff like that but they have also down sides like needing the right update or wont work drm and stuff like that

so i will always stay on console cause im lazy:)