Forty Minute Look At Sleeping Dogs

FanCensus says: "Just how tough are the Triads of Hong Kong? Steve and Ryan find out as they take a look at Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs, a game that was once close to not being released. Expect plenty of fighting, shooting, car chases in this exciting instalment."

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crazysammy2783d ago

It actually started off as an original IP, then activision turned it into a True Crime game to try and build that brand but ultimately thought the game was not good enough to publish. Im glad Square came in and gave them a chance... Its solid.

SP3333D-O2783d ago

This turned out to be one of the best gaming surprises for me. I had no interest in it at first and kept confusing it with Watch Dogs. I was hesitant to preorder after the Rage hype, but it has turned out to be one of my all-time favorites.

iceman062783d ago

I always loved the True Crimes series as a decent option while waiting for GTA to make another game. So, I was on board for this from the jump. However, I was extremely excited to see what this game has turned out to be. The thing that always made me excited for True Crimes was the hand to hand combat...the martial arts aspect. This, IMO, is where this game shines head and shoulders above the rest of the open world games. Sure, there are things that could be improved. But, this game just gives me a LOT of hope for an expanded look at Sleeping Dogs.

Kaos_Vll2783d ago

Hope this game sells really well as I'd love to see what they could do with a bigger budget and build on an already great game.