Zombi U Impressions and footage: Red Steel who? (Gimme Gimme Games)

Gimme Gimme Games says of Zombi U: "Red Steel showed us that the Wii Remote was a tricky thing to develop for and made us question whether Nintendo’s motion controller would ever reach it’s potential. Zombi U does the exact opposite and makes you understand why Nintendo made the Wii U Game Pad the way it is. It made me excited to see what other ways Ubisoft uses the Game Pad in this game but what other developers will do with Nintendo’s new controller."

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iamnsuperman2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"Controls are very basic" Basic is good. Keep it simple, stupid. I hope they (and others) keep it that way and not include swipe controls on the Wii U gamepad.

OC_MurphysLaw2779d ago

This the one WiiU game that really has my interest peaked. There are other good games coming for sure, but this game just showed off really nicely imo.

camel_toad2779d ago

It sounds to me that they're questioning of the wiimote's worth means they didn't exactly like developing for the first wii because of the wiimotes. That's reason enough to wonder why Nintendo is even making the wiimotes usable for the wiiu other than to disguise that the wiimotes aren't that great on their own or even with the nunchuks.

I actually enjoyed red steel but could never really get into it for extended periods because the wiimotes just don't cut it for me. As well as the wii sold because of its motion controls which drew in casual players its also the same reason it's turned out to have such a short lifespan.

The wiimotes are great for casual party games but not for long play periods of serious core gaming. I'm at least glad they've ditched them as the main controller for the wiiu.

herbs2779d ago

The wiimotes without a doubt have some motion control issues however wii motion + controllers will only be compatible with the Wii U (from what I have read) and I'm happy this will be the new standard. To say these controllers are not good for core gaming is strait up foolish. I can understand people not liking them because they want to relax while gaming but having the option is great. If you don't think Skyward sword or Metroid Prime are good examples of core gaming it's because you are either lazy or uncoordinated most likely both. Also wiimotes are perfect for retro or old school nes, master system, genisis games etc.

Soo you sir are very very wrong...

camel_toad2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I played the Metroid Prime games on the Gamecube and loved them. I honestly feel like Skyward Sword would have been better using the more conventional controllers like ps3, 360, and yes gamecube.

The only reason certain parts of skyward sword even existed is because Nintendo's own in-house developers were forced to create game play that highlighted use of the wiimote's. The roller coaster level and bird flight are just 2 examples of what I'm referring to.

I'm not a fan boy of any one console but I've found when it comes to gameplay I'm definitely not a fan of motion controls for core gaming. That includes all 3 current systems (360, PS3, Wii) I have owned and (or) still own. If the ps3, or 360 were founded on the move or kinect I would have already sold them.

I don't think motion controls will truly be useful compared to game pads until virtual reality is the main-stay.

Thepcz2779d ago

its strange but i dont have much interest in wiiu. i mean, i always check the news and things, but it seems to have just become a ps3/360 type console. and im not talking talking about specs, but the types of games.

the tekkens, assassin creeds etc. ok, those are fine for rainy days, but what about the big nintendo games? pikmin? cool. hardly the game to sell a console on.

where is f zero, wave race, metroid, something... new wiii finished really strong with xenoblade and pandoras tower. we need to be launching wiiu with exclusive nintendo games like those

camel_toad2779d ago

I'll prolly get the system for the heck of it but a real system seller for me would be a new Metroid - like the originals or like the surprise Retro pulled off with the Primes - but not like the recent Metroid. Decent but not nearly as good as any other Metroid game.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Red Steel 2 (Wii Motion Plus) was a decent game, however.

And once Wii Motion Plus and the 3rd Party Middle Ware was dropped (to calibrate the Wiimotes) the motion games got much better.

I would like another Red Steel (like 2, more atmosphere) and another Zelda with SS's controls.

Hopefully that song is not in the ZombiU Soundtrack. (It would be kind of Surreal if it were).

nintendojunkie282779d ago

"Hopefully that song is not in the ZombiU Soundtrack. (It would be kind of Surreal if it were)."

LMFAO!!....I was thinkin' the same thing.

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