New Tokitowa screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of the PS3 RPG, Tokitowa.

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2779d ago
Jreca2779d ago

Each time I see new things about the game, a little of my interest in it dies. I hope it still makes an interesting experience.

Reibooi2779d ago

The sad part about the game is that the idea and concept of a animated RPG is very interesting and the screens look good but as soon as you see it in motion it just looks terrible. It looks incredibly awkward as the animations just don't look good and when moving they really don't mesh with the backgrounds.

2779d ago Replies(2)
Cryptcuzz2779d ago

I want this game. Game looks awesome both in screens and in motion. I hope there will be a demo in the Japan PSN store so I can try it out before it comes to the states.

Sino2779d ago

I dont like how they pasted 2D artwork on 3D environment, at least make them cell shade

and that weird running...