Xboxer360 - Review: Sleeping Dogs

Rich of Xboxer360 writes, “Rising from the ashes of True Crime: Hong Kong, Square Enix and United front games bought the rights to the canned game but not the name, which I’m glad of, not only does Sleeping Dogs sound more interesting, it wipes away any previous associations with the True Crime franchise that people may have had. The game itself is quite simply a GTA clone – the similarities and influences will jump right off the screen but whereas other sandbox games are only too happy to lurk in GTA’s shadow, Sleeping Dogs makes a great attempt at carving out some individuality."

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ziggurcat2777d ago

my only problem with the game is that the melee combat is clunky and unresponsive.

other than that, i'm enjoying the game so far.

showtimefolks2777d ago

Yeh I agree it's not smooth also the counter system isn't as smooth as batman games. The game also has weird latches n a early mission I was suppose to chase a van but my car kept falling though road into invisible water

I hope they release a patch to fix or smooth out some rough edges