GTA 5 New 'Leisure' Screenshots Analysis – Secrets & Gameplay Revealed

NowGamer has analysed the latest 'Leisure' GTA 5 screenshots to see what information they hold.

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TimmyShire3353d ago

Tennis? Seriously? I suppose they did make Rockstar Presents Table Tennis but still...

Also, is it just me who thinks the graphics ain't all that.

mafiahajeri3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Not all that? I thought the first screen was motor storm and that's saying a lot!

@bottom so a sandbox game that has off road racing that looks like a full fledged off road racer is not good? SIGH some people can never be satisfied...

skyward3353d ago

The fact that it looks like Motor storm is actually not tht great IMO. See what you meant though.

crimsonfox3353d ago

For a sandbox game that looks like a full on racing game. Probably not even 5% of things that will be open for you to do in the full game. That's saying something. I deem you legally blind.

ThanatosDMC3352d ago

I cant wait to actually see pic from a console. GTA4 teaser shots lied to us after all.

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Raf1k13353d ago

I think it looks great. Better than any other sandbox game on consoles.

Angels37853353d ago

Normally I would agree, but in these screen (like many devs) were probably taken directly from the pc version. Secondly games like Just Cause 2, Infamous 2, Mafia 2, Rage etc. all look better just from the screens. Hell even the ICEnchancer modder himself thinks this doesn't look that great for a console open world
"As usual, R* North know their stuff when it's about textures. They are very nice. The rest is okay; not mind blowing but it's an open world. Don't expect something more on a current-gen open world now". We dont even know how this plays, plus screens can be edited to high heaven. Devs can take an in game shot of the pc version, or take a console shot turn up the resolution, edit the hell out of it, then re-downscale the resolution and make it look incredible (an example of this is watching a 1080p or 720p video on youtube while its NOT in full looks fantastic!

ProjectDeputy3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

till watch dogs comes out buddy

Raf1k13353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Watch Dogs is likely a next gen title and even if it does come out this gen it's not going to look anywhere near that good on consoles.

@angels, these screens most likely are taken from the PC version but I doubt the console versions will look much different to PC. They'll just have lower resolution and shorter draw distance.

I've played JC2, Infamous 2 etc and TBH I think this looks a fair bit better. Nothing to write home about afterall there's not much more devs can do with current gen hardware but it's still looks rather nice overall.

edit: Looking forward to ICEnhancer mods for this. I will likely need to upgrade at some point as I can barely run BF3 and GTA4 (which was a bad port).

Muffins12233352d ago

This first pic..WOW...look how detail the model is and the wheels.Looks like it has alot of polygons, defiantly in those wheels with the bumps

PRHB HYBRiiD3352d ago

visuals look great..u need some new glasses

DeadManMcCarthy3352d ago

Complainers gonna complain.

thezeldadoth3352d ago

they look great mostly but most likely they're bullshots

GuyBanks3352d ago

@TimmyShire Basing opinion solely on screenshots... true gamer.

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mafiahajeri3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Dang new screenshots? Didnt expect the release of screen shots so close to the last batch i thought they were old. They look pretty darn polished to me too. GTA V is really gathering steam the November release is date is looking more and more likely. I expect a confirmed release date of December within the next 3 weeks. I hope I'm right those screens look amazing!

A2X_3353d ago

I have a feeling this is gonna be the best game ever made!

crimsonfox3353d ago

Is it wrong that i have the same feeling, And get giddy when i see new posts on the news wire? These screen shots are taking me back to excitement of San Andreas' hype. San Andreas has to be my absolute favorite game of all time.Regardless if what anyone tries to tell me. GTA IV was great but i cant wait to get back into LOS SANTOS !!!! YEA BABY NEEDS DIAPERS!!!-SWEET JOHNSON

xtremexx3353d ago

now, there appear to be some drastically different landscapes.