Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Review | "With Nexus 2 potentially releasing soon, looked back at HD Interactive’s 2004 prequel: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident which was recently released on Hold on to your space-belt! While this game was released 8 years ago, it gives modern space games a run for their credits!

The year 2004 isn’t exactly the year I would browse back to for some modern eye-candy and epic gaming. EVE-Online had just come out the year before, Age of Empires 3 had yet a year to go, and Unreal Tournament, for all practical purposes, was just getting good. For the most part, graphics (according to today’s standards) were pretty putrid. Yet, somehow, a game broke the mold to bring us space as we had truly never seen it before: Nexus – The Jupiter Incident, was born."

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