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"It’s been a while since a ‘traditional’ Ratchet & Clank title graced the PS3. While HD remakes of the classic PS2 titles have arrived on the PS3, we’ve only had the strange party co-op fun of All 4 One to fill that Lombax shaped hole in our hearts since A Crack in Time released. Finally though, in celebration of ten years of Insomniac Games’ franchise existing, we get the poorly named Ratchet & Clank: QForce – or Full Frontal Assault if you’re American."

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BiggCMan2787d ago

This game is looking great!! I'm so glad they are bringing back multiplayer!! Also with the new HD Collection hitting America soon, Up Your Arsenal will have multiplayer servers up and running too!!

dorron2787d ago

I'm not into TD games but I'll give this Ratchet a go since it has Crossbuy and I got a preorder for 18€...

Hope it turns out to be like A crack in time or something not too different from it's gameplay.

Starfox8112787d ago

Yeah I'm not a TD fan either, but it just worked so surprisingly well!