Black Ops 2 – 5 Things You Need To Know

X360: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 is making a number of striking changes to the COD formula. Treyarch’s Director of Communications, John Rafacz explains why they matter.

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violents2788d ago

The campaign is about 6 hrs long, we dont have any confirmation on that because its still in development but i will make up some shit and call it facts to get hits.

It's got zombies, what a treyach cod with zombies, get right out of town.

None of these things are things i need to know, most are actually kind of expected.

Very sub par article.

EazyC2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Someones coffee was most certainly pissed in this morning :'(

Dailynch2788d ago

Certainly seems to be the case.

RickHiggity2788d ago

It was me. Sorry about that btw. The restroom was occupied.

violents2787d ago

sorry i just hate it when someone has this spectacular article title and then you read it and your like, this guys retarted or something. That's 5 minute of my life i cant have back. He owes me now!

violents2787d ago

No i just expect someone claiming to be a journalist to write articles that arent trite and pointless.

3-4-52787d ago

It's like these people are in their own world and do NO research on the internet to see if this information has already made it's way around the net.

Then once you realize it has, you need to find an interesting way to offer it up for read that isn't generic.