When The Debt Comes Due - Dust 514 Preview [Gamer Living]

Gamer Living's Will Anderson drops feet first into Hell with CCP Games' upcoming free-to-play FPS for the PlayStation 3.

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2788d ago
kneon2788d ago

"Dust 514 looks exceptional as a free-to-play game"

Actually I thought it looked pretty crappy, I don't give it free pass just because it's free to play.

Also the UI for the store and skills isn't very good nor is it intuitive. There is little in the way of instructions so it's hard to know what to do.

I played for a couple hours last night and wasn't impressed. The battles felt dull, there was no team play evident and no one tried to coordinate anything.

doogiebear2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

^ Fact. Looked and played like a PS one game, but online and in pseudo HD.