DUST 514 Beta Gameplay Video at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed got a chance to play DUST 514. The game clearly is in beta stage but you can see the real potential and beauty of the game.

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MelonSaurus2782d ago

Do you realize that a closed beta means you aren't supposed to talk about it or reveal gameplay information? Your site obviously has no understanding of the word "professional."

Wizziokid2782d ago

It depends on the contract with the beta, I'm not sure if they have the NDA (I think it's called) with this, if they do then yes they are breaking the rules and could face lawful action but that doesn't affect me so I'll enjoy the footage :)

Nicaragua2782d ago

There is a NDA, its clearly stated when you boot the game up.

Wizziokid2782d ago

ah ok, I didn't know that.

Godmars2902782d ago

What was your first clue: that they used a camera instead of screen capture tech?

mafiahajeri2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I don't see why your angry unless you work with the dust team. Also how the heck is it closed? It's on plus and. You can't get any more public than that...

MelonSaurus2782d ago

There is an NDA. It's stated clearly upon loading the beta. You go through a few disclosure statements and terms and conditions as well. Aka, you can be sued if they really want. You probably wouldn't be fined or jailed, but you can bet you will lose your PSN account.

Garethvk2782d ago

Can you understand the restriction wass lifted for us to poost today by the games P.R. firm?

doogiebear2782d ago

So what, mind your business

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wollie2782d ago

Well it looks pretty awesome

tbon3man2782d ago

Good thing this guy is not the best player that's in the beta. NDA violation! Must be a new ps+ member(lol)

TotalHitman2782d ago

Why the hell are DUST 514 players bothered about an NDA? Nobody else gives a fuck.

Ducky2782d ago

People breaching NDA is why we can't have nice things.

Garethvk2782d ago

We were given permission to today, and it was my first time playing.

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The story is too old to be commented.