NO CS:GO for PS3 in EU today - Sony, you got to be kidding me

So we have been waiting patiently for the latest Counter Strike game to hit the Playstation 3. For the first time, PS3 owners would get to sample the delights of Values’ long standing (and some might say best) tactical shooter on their HDTV. Alas it would appear we are going to have to wait that little while longer for the game to hit the EU, and we are not happy.

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iamnsuperman2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

How is this Sony's fault? I think it is Valve who should be apologising as they set when to release the game. Sony does not dictate third party releases and why would the SCEE apologise for something that is out of their control and are in no way responsible for.

usedandreviewed2780d ago

Who said it was Valves fault? I'm pretty sure they wouldn't of wanted to delay the EU PS3 version of the game. The fact of the matter is, the game has been released on Xbox 360 and Steam in EU, as well as PS3 in the States. Which would lead to the conclusion that the organisation to blame would be SCEE.

iamnsuperman2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

What makes it Sony's fault over Valve's (which is my point). Your article doesn't even hint at it being Valves fault but automatically assumes it is SCEE's fault. Assumptions are a very bad thing which is why I brought up the question "How is this Sony's fault"

doogiebear2780d ago

Well im in the states and trust me CS:GO sucked.

user54670072780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Well I think it's SCEE fault

I'm sick of how they treat us like we are sloppy seconds. I mean we don't even have Spyro yet and you want to know what they've been saying for the past 4 years

"Were looking into it"

Theres just a point when you have to think to your self

"You guys just don't give a crap....try harder"

The one game this week people have been waiting for and they don't bring it out I mean thats ridiculous. It's not Valves fault since the release date was the 21st, it's SCEE for not getting it online.

HammadTheBeast2780d ago

Dude. Check out your PS+ stuff, then ours. Yeah.

user54670072780d ago


Well people over here you guys get better PS Plus content then us. Remember that Zombie Halloween thing where you got RE 1-3 free, RE4/Code Veronica half price, Avatars, Plants vs Zombies free and Dead Nation free...we didn't get that, hell at the time we didn't even have RE2 and RE3

We pay more for DLC/Games
We get everything late (Avatars/PS1 Classics)
DLC never comes on time
Games never come on time

DigitalRaptor2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Yet again acting like a spoiled brat Mike.

I don't disagree that it can be frustrating, and I've taken my fair share of stabs against SCEE, but take a look at the store for other countries and realise how lucky you actually are to live in a European territory.

Secondly, Dead Nation was a freebie after PSN was hacked. RE 1-3 have been free on the EU store, as has Plants vs Zombies and RE4 and Code Veronica X were both 50% off on PS+.

On PS one Classics:

Read this and be more understanding and appreciative.

user54670072780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Oh shut up DigitalRaptor I can say whatever the hell I like. Another person trying to silence someone who has an opinion.

The link you provided is pointless, thats what I'm talking about

"Oh it's so hard to get them"

Yes it's hard but it dosen't take 4 years...thats just taking the p*ss

If Microsoft can do a global update then Sony should be able to aswell

Your the type of person who would give someone chance, after chance, after chance

I'm not calling Sony in general, just their crappy Europe division.

sourav932779d ago

Us guys in the EU are always treated like crap. For example, I bought Batman:AA GOTY version, mainly for the "Play as Joker" mode. Pop the disc in, go to the store, no DLC at all! Apparently all Arkham Asylum DLCs, except the villains pack, have been removed from the EU PS Store. And this was all the way back in Nov 2011. It's Aug 2012 now and still no AA DLC.
I love my ps3 and I love you Sony for pumping out awesome blockbusters every year, but when are you gonna learn that Europe has more gamers than the US of A...

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pandaboy2780d ago

typical n4g, anyone's fault but sony's... I was looking for the game yesterday but I thought the reason I couldn't find it was because of the horrible interface of the Playstation Store. Turns out sony's incompetence is even worse than I thought.

NastyLeftHook02780d ago

incompetence...please, atleast there not saying "no" to a beloved franchise people want.

and im sure it will be on the eu ps store in no time.

Blankman852779d ago

Was wondering when Microsoft would be dragged into this. Nice work there tentonsoftube.

finbars752780d ago

I must admit the game definatley should never have been ported at all to consoles.I mean its smooth and all but holy f$%k the hit detection is messed up.I have never seen this problem on the PC but playing the PS3 version was frustrating as hell.

BuLLDoG9092780d ago

Your only fooling yourself if you believe that sh*t.

SCEE are to blame, valve already submitted the game for release, but SCEE always takes there sweet ass time because of so much territory to cover in the EU.
But its funny how MS dont mess about and get things done to meet deadlines.. Valve are most likely as pissed as us in the EU as they wanted a worldwide release..

Just out of interest, are you in the US or EU ?

FanboyPunisher2779d ago

Wow they way these nerds argue on here.

Shouldn't even be on Xbox or PS3 in the first place, completely waste without the mod community.

Had it a week ago on PC.
Keep fighting about stipid shit, all your problems are solved by just simply having a decent computer.

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usedandreviewed2780d ago

Ok I'll amend the article to say it could be Valve's fault, but the likelyhood is...SCEE are to blame.

JKelloggs2780d ago

According to a Dutch website, Valve haven't released it to SCEE yet

fucadastates2780d ago

just make a us account. add funds with a wallmart psnkode (its 20$ for 20$). you get the game, you pay less than in EU, and you can still play with eu people (when it comes).

no big fucking fuss

BuLLDoG9092780d ago

no big fuss ?, will my eu credit card be usable for this ?

AIndoria2779d ago

Yes, it will. Go to or any similar site, buy a PSN voucher for NA, buy the game. There you go, problem solved.

MoonConquistador2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@fucadastates - that's a well thought out, good workaround for the issue, which has been stated on this site god knows how many times. And you put it so eloquently too lol +bubs for providing the info again

But it misses the point that he shouldn't need a workaround. This isn't the first game this has happened with, so with all the previous times, you'd think Sony would get better at it, but they don't.

I've heard all the reasons why its harder to licence a game over so many different countries, but still, some lessons learned, forward planning and better communications on the issues would alleviate a lot of the flak that comes their way on it.

But they've still gave me so much free stuff with PS+ as of late to get my knickers in a twist with the delay of a game*edited, sorry*

smashcrashbash2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Oh no. That means they will never get it. Never ever ever ever ever ever. Nothing has ever been delayed in anyway in the history of gaming and only Sony ever delays anything EVER./s. Let's form a mob as quickly as possible and over react. Sony you heartless monsters

bpmotard2780d ago

Yes!, if we let this pass, PS3 CS:Go will never come!!!