EU PSN Store Update for Wednesday August 22nd

Jawad Ashraf is back with his weekly update of what's coming to the EU PSN Store this week

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Canthar2776d ago

Would really like BL and DS2 on the US store heh.

bpmotard2776d ago

I CAN'T believe CS:GO isn't in there!!!!!11!!11
WTF Sony! are you kidding me? I've been waiting the whole week for this game and nothing??? I hope there's a mistake, I seriosly do

Yi-Long2776d ago

... Valve hasn't announced the PSN version for Europe yet.

Maybe yet another MS timed-exclusive, although I'd like to think Valve wouldn't take part in that...

bpmotard2776d ago

but Valve announced 21st Worldwide, with that said it was suppost to be 21st US update and 22nd EU update... SCEE just sucks...

AusRogo2776d ago

Serious? I was hoping to get it tomorrow, the fuck?

Blastoise2775d ago

I know right, im kinda annoyed. Its a shame we get screwed over so often... dungeon defenders, Trine 2, the walking dead episode 2. And now this. Typical.

user54670072776d ago

Still no Spyro...or Crash Bash

SCEE are a load of crap...they really are

I'm usualy a patient man but they are really taking the p*ss now