Update: Wii Outsells PS3 3-to-1 in January

Nintendo sold 479,931 units of the Wii in the four weeks to Jan. 27, compared with 165,719 units of the PS3, Enterbrain said on Friday.

The Wii was the top-selling console in Japan for the second straight month, it said.

"This year, attention will shift to how hardware sold will propel the game market," Enterbrain said in a release.

The numbers were compiled prior to the Jan. 31 launch of Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" combat game featuring the Mario Brothers and other characters, which the publisher called "promising".

Sales of "Wii Fit," which features a pressure-sensing board that players can use to simulate ski jumps or surfing, topped 1.21 million units in the nine weeks since its release.

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Eretik5018d ago

We already know that Wii is selling MUCH better than PS3 everywhere. Tell us something new.

mikeslemonade5018d ago

We're forgetting the bigger elephant in the room where Wii is outselling 360 by 15 to 1 in Japan.

madmike5018d ago

ive been a nintendo fan since i was a kid i am now 33 and will allways support nintendo nice to see them back on top ps ive been playing games all my life and have never been able to get my wife involved in games until i bought the wii now we have a drink on a saturday and play bowling golf ect the only thing thats frustrating about the wii is she keeps kicking my ass.

anh_duong5018d ago

the wii is an animal. every kid under the age of 15 wants one and every household has to own one for party/social games. these two factors make the wii a monster..

Eretik5018d ago

just the best. Everybody wants wii. Kids want, girls want, wives want, men want, almost everybody want. Only nerds don't want wii. It's impossible to satisfy nerds without full HD graphics.

PirateThom5018d ago

I have to disagree, it's not only "nerds" who hate Wii.

I'm a gamer and I grew up on Nintendo, and I don't like the Wii because it doesn't cater to my gaming needs, not because of it's lack of HD. It has a few gems, but overall, nothing special and is a bit of a dumping ground for crap.

deeznuts5018d ago

Everyone wants a Wii. But not everyone buying it is playing it daily. My GF has a Wii at her house. Nobody is using it. And her little bro is a hardcore gamer. 360 gets used, he wants a PS3. She says I can take it home or bring it into her room to play. I haven't yet. But I have gamefly so I might dabble into some games when I am inclined. Maybe some SMG and other high ranked games

OC Shock Value5018d ago

im a bad mofuka.. and i own a wii.. hell i just beat starfox 64 again right B4 i wrote this.. and now im gonna go finish the rest of streets of rage 3.. then some galaxy and go 2 sleep.. the wii is not some fake system that little kids play.. its nintendo whoopin A$$.. just like the old dayz.. hit me up if u own a Wii and want your a$$ breat in brawl AND mario kart later.. over n ouT

CaliGamer5018d ago (Edited 5018d ago )

Say guys, did you know that Honda Civics sell more than the Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG? Its true, and I don't know why. ::Rolls Eyes::

Is this really news? The more hardcore you are about something, the more your willing to spend on it, fact of the matter is the Wii has yet to prove itself as anything other than a casual gaming console, hell, Nintendo was even concerned about the reception Super Smash Bros. Brawl would get on the system because of its more hardcore nature compared to other Wii games.

Logically, I don't think it is even fair to put the Wii and the PS3 or 360 in the same league, they are meant to cater to different consumers, not to mention the difference in price makes the comparison kinda silly as the PS3's price is kinda prohibitive to a few people.

I might get a Wii, but it would be more for social gatherings and the ladies. I don't think the above statements are in any way detracting from the Wii, I think any gamer who is level headed can see the truth in my words and the ridiculous nature of this "news".

TruthbeTold5018d ago

Apples and Oranges.
There isn't a game on the HD systems that is better than the better Wii games to such an extent, if at all. It's a matter of taste. The upper crust of PS3 and Xbox 360 games clearly beats Wii games in Graphics, and the upper crust of Wii games clearly beat the HD systems on innovation and controls. Surprise! Most buyers of these systems knew this when they bought their console. They made a choice based on taste. The bottom line is that when it comes to each respective upper crust, each category that matters is more than adequate.

lesferdinand5018d ago

Mercedes can sell fewer cars than Honda because it sells them at a higher profit margin. In console-land, the cheapest console (Wii of course) is sold at the highest profit margin, while the more expensive consoles are sold a little above manufacturing cost.

But in the end they are all consoles and it's a bit naive to assume that the average consumer will get both a Wii and a PS3/360. The hardcore will have all three of them because of their different strengths and exclusives. But the average consumer will pick a single system to fulfil his video game entertainment needs. So far, consumers clearly prefer the Wii.

OC Shock Value5018d ago

Believe it or not the wii has some of the hardest of the hardcore out.. i wanna hear what you say after u beat zelda or metroid prime.. hell even mario galaxy with 120 stars.. u dont get ur hand held thru the game like all these space shooters and war games.. and each game i just named got GREAT reviews.. and also provide over 30 hours of gameplay each.. if thats not hardcore then i dont know what is.. hit me up when u get ur Wii.. over n ouT

CaliGamer5018d ago

Your analysis is interesting, and I can't argue with any gamer who is passionate about their respective system.

That is nice that your enjoy your Wii and that you get a challenge out of it as I am sure a lot of users to, but the fact remains that my analogy above is still valid regardless of what thin justification TruthBeTold might give.

To my knowledge a study has not been done to compare what types of games sell the best on the Wii, but from the reports, other than the staple Mario's and Zeldas which will always sell well given their nostalgic value and large following, I would be curious to know how many Wii owners out there are like you, "HARDCORE". Just because you take your games seriously and try to get everything doesn't speak to the fact that I made above that that system is a cheap and relatively easy to pick up alternative to the likes of the PS3 and 360.
My argument was not one of innovation at all, as the Wii has demonstrated that the high tech traditional route is not the only successful one if handled correctly.

You love your Wii (lol), then more power to you, and I don't take away anything from you or your preference in system, I was speaking mostly to the validity of this article. Granted people can write and submit what they want, but comparing the PS3 to the Wii is ridiculous. Price is also a factor that must be considered when speaking about a comparison, and one that quite honestly in my opinion when omitted really trivializes any argument about sales figures.

Unlike some, I don't see the Wii going anywhere anytime soon, indeed, I see Wii owner probably looking to the PS3 when the time is right as it is the most innovative system behind the Wii in terms of design and variety of games. But to say that the Wii attracts Hardcore gamers, as someone who has been gaming since before Atari came about is a bit hard to believe, and I would have to have some hard data to believe that as the evidence from Nintendo itself suggest that the user base of the Wii might be primarily composed of the casual community.

As I said, a lover of gaming is a lover of gaming in my eyes, but articles like this just lose me when they try to simplify an issue that is obviously composed of many factors. Thats all, enjoy Brawl and Mario guys.

ChickeyCantor5018d ago

you can compare the PS3 and Wii because they are both build for GAMES
( well ok SONY build in a bluray player to sell their HD-TV's .......>_> we know its all true)

so you can compare them, they have the same main goals.

but what the result might be in the end could be stupid...or not.
you can always see things from a different perspective.

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