Sleeping Dogs: Chinese Grand Theft Auto?

TGC writes: So what is ‘Sleeping Dogs’ exactly, and what differentiates it from GTA and why Hong Kong?

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mafiahajeri2775d ago

Hong kong not china. From what I've heard a lot of them pride themselves on being different then the mainland...

Abriael2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Horrible article, full of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes (it's really a pain to read), moreover the writer wannabe knows very little about sleeping dogs, by his own admission.

"hand combat is a little bit more advanced than the likes of Nico Bellic". A "little"? Seriously?

"Most of the time people just have it out with a bunch of shotguns or assault rifles". No, not really. Most combat situations are based on martial arts and firearms are actually the exception.

Very bad writing based on nothing. Play the game first, then write.

delicia2774d ago

Not only the article compares the game to GTA IV (I mean, seriously, it's like every sandbox game is just "not GTA" for these "journalists") but the writting itself is bad. Like you said, this guy should play the game first.

YourFlyness2774d ago

They have been saying this about True Crimes since it first came out.

coaidant2774d ago

Sleeping Dogs is not trying to be Grand theft auto. Yes they're both open world but both entirely different games.

josephayal2774d ago

IS way better than any GTA

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