Review: Sleeping Dogs – Such Fun I Completed It In A Day | TechHuman

TH writes: Sleeping Dogs is by far the best game, in this genre, that I have ever had the opportunity of playing.

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violents2783d ago

This guy claims he ran through the whole game in one day and its the best sandbox style game you've ever played. One thing i loved about the gta games was how much content there was and i took for ever to complete the game. This may be a good game and i does look awsome but if you can run through it in a day ill wait till i can pick it up used cheap or just rent it.

Clover9042782d ago

Sometimes it's about quality over quantity. IMO, Sleeping Dogs blows GTAIV out of the water. And if we ever want a sequel to this amazing game, people are actually going to have to buy it new. To do everything, it'll take you 30+ hrs.