Tokyo Jungle Preview - TGH

"Animals get up to crazy things; this is a known fact that I may have just come up with off the top of my head – although AnimalsBeingDicks would agree with me. The amount of times you’ve looked at your pet dog, cat or whatever animal you may have, and have thought ‘what the hell are you doing?’ must be numerous. Now though, thanks to perhaps the most obscure title to grace Sony’s PS3, Tokyo Jungle offers you the chance to live out the life of practically any animal – including a Saber-Tooth Tiger and dinosaurs (!) – surviving in the apocalyptic wasteland of Tokyo."

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Rob9462782d ago

I cannot wait for this game. It's so weird and unique and it's only a PSN title so can't really go wrong.

ShadyDevil2782d ago

This game looks a little bit too awkward for me. Not sure how I feel about it.