Zavvi confirms release date for GTA V

Eurogamer Portugal said: "Following the news yesterday, we contacted the Zavvi to confirm the release date set for Grand Theft Auto V.

'I can confirm that this is the release date our supplier provided us with, if the release date does change our website will be updated straight away.'

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Wizziokid2776d ago

As much as I want to, I can't see it coming out this November

TopDudeMan2776d ago

I'm thinking spring-summer next year.

scotchmouth2776d ago

You are probably right. They still need a certain amount of advertising time and preview before release. This pretty much rules out Oct.

At the earliest id guess a dec date but I think that's rather unlikely.

b163o12776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

R* needs no advertising

On a S/N a Dec. release date would crap on the everyones hoilday line ups

Baka-akaB2776d ago

Except they do need and use advertising . Contrary to beliefs all of the massive juggernaut sellers do need and massively need marketing campaign to keep it fresh and in the general public mind

omi25p2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )


They dont need advertising. As soon as they show more footage of the game the media will get on it and start up a huge anti Grand Theft Auto campaign that will be all over the news.

So everyone will know about it.

Thats pretty much what happened with GTA IV.

They also release a picture of the logo and its trending on twitter. All over every electronic, Gaming and media magazine/Website/TV Show.

Grand Theft Auto is a game that advertises its self.

tee_bag2422775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


"They dont need advertising. As soon as they show more footage of the game the media will get on it and start up a huge anti Grand Theft Auto campaign that will be all over the news."

What you've summed up is there is pretty much advertising.. more precisely it's intelligent PR. The kind I like.

morganfell2775d ago

Anyone that thinks Rockstar would release a game in December doesn't understand the market, and they grossly overestimate Rockstar's arrogance, not to mention that of Take Two. Neither of those entities are stupid enough to release a title that isn't on the shelves by Black Friday in the US.

People can say, "But this is Grand Theft Auto" if they want but the fact is a great many people will have spent the majority of their Christmas funds by December 1st. It doesn't matter if the game is advertised to release after that date. Rockstar would be giving up considerable associated sales by not getting the game out prior to Nov 23.

Personally I do not see the game releasing at all this year but even more so I do not see it releasing in the month after Black Friday.

Dee_912775d ago

FORGET logical reasoning
I WANT this to be the release date.
I HOPE it is

gatormatt802775d ago

If, and this is a big if, GTA V comes out this year it will be in October. How you ask do I know this??? Well R*'s previous history with the GTA series says so. Since the PS2 era, and even including the PSP, almost every GTA has come out around Oct. 20 something. This excludes obviously GTA IV, which was originally scheduled to come out in Oct. before it got delayed till March.

Outside_ofthe_Box2775d ago

It's coming out next year. That is the only thing that makes sense at this point.

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Grap2776d ago

who the hell is zavvi????????? it's like saying grap"me" confirms the next PlayStation console


Zavvi use to be Virgin online stores before they got bought etc.

They are not exactly small.

tee_bag2422775d ago

What he said.
I order a lot of my games from Savvi since it's cheap and suits my region. Plus I can't get many games in English in Japan.

ColinZeal2775d ago

Big in Europe i´d say. At least I order a lot of games from there to Sweden.

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Pushagree2776d ago

Why does it say confirmed when it's a rumor? Got to love the shameless way websites get hits these days.

matgrowcott2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

It has been confirmed by Zavvi that that isn't their place holder. While they're not exactly confirming the release date, they're confirming that that's what they've been told (by the people who are making the game) is the release date.

The title is fine if this story turns out to be true, which of course isn't always 100% certain.

Baka-akaB2776d ago

It doesnt matter , stores are the last person i'd trust release info dates from .

matgrowcott2776d ago


The date isn't from a store, it's from the publisher. That's rather the point.

Awesome_Gamer2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Late December is my guess...

It's not january because that's a terrible month to release games because everybody spends thier money on christmas, and it's not february because TakeTwo's Bioshock will be released in that month, and it's not march either because that is too close to Bioshock's release date (Feb 26) and they won't meet thier expected revenue earnings (higher than IV's year, 2008) in less than a month before the fiscal year ends.

fermcr2776d ago


It's coming out 32nd October 2012.

DoomeDx2776d ago

Lots of people i know really think GTA V comes out this november.. Seriously though, we've only had 1 trailer, a couple of screenshots and thats it! we dont know anything about the gameplay

Im pretty much a 100% sure that the game comes out Q1 2013.

DA_SHREDDER2776d ago

I really hopes so, GTA is one of those games that I wouldn't mind waiting on as long as it makes for a spectacular game.

NBT912776d ago

I think that even Q1 2013 is pushing it, I reckon its going to be around May, thus making it the biggest release of the summer next year.

KwietStorm2776d ago

We don't know anything about the gameplay? lol I suppose you wouldn't expect to see lots of guns and explosions without seeing a new COD trailer either?

DoomeDx2775d ago

^ Cod is a diffrent story.

What im saying is, we dont have any news about new gameplay features and stuff

WitWolfy2775d ago

Late April 2013 is my guess.. Seeing that GTA IV released later April back in 2008

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ReDDeaDDan2775d ago

I personally believe the date is correct, but they are assuming its this year, when in fact it is 2013. looking at the pics, can you honestly see an Xbox 360 running it? I'm going to have to gamble on it being a 720/ps4 release title. Imagine how well it would drive the initial sales of the next gen consoles!

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matgrowcott2776d ago

If Zavvi really has confirmed that this isn't just a place holder (at least on behalf of the store), this is pretty huge news. I know Rockstar won't comment, but I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

flappersack2776d ago

Not this again....

I'll believe a date when I see it on Rockstars site.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2776d ago

That's my thinking too. Wait for official info from R*. I didn't preorder Infamous 2 until Sucker Punch confirmed a release date. Same with AC3.

claud32776d ago

Lies, no way that early. Rockstar said they need an extra 6 months to complete the game, so 2013 is the release year for gta v. If i am wrong, i am wrong