God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Preview - TGH

"The first thing that absolutely nobody must have been thinking when God of War was released was “this game could really do with a multiplayer”. Well, now all those wishes have come true and with God of War: Ascension you can live out your dreams of multiplayer bludgeoning and feeling utterly hopeless against practically every opponent you come up against."

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asmith23062776d ago

I will be buying this game as I have bought and enjoyed every God of War game bar the mobile game; but for once I am not excited about an entry in this series. For me GOW is about the single player experience and the set pieces. GOW 3 had that EPIC opening sequence, which to this day still makes my jaw hit the floor. Ascension hasn't shown me anything like that.

Starfox8112776d ago

Yeah, it really wasn't that exciting to look at. It's essentially just more of the same. The single player preview is a lot more promising than the multiplayer, but it's all still very same-y.

Baka-akaB2776d ago

I can't say i share your doubts . The MP is the fresh and enw element so far , so of course they want to focus a bit and convince people about it , in trailers thus far .

Soon enough they'll show more of the SP , and with a "demo" like GoW 3 , i find it hard to worry .

They could just copy paste the same experience back and it would be awesome , and i'm sure they wont just paste but improve on it .

It already shows in how much more fluid and smooth the game has gotten in the sp footage

DA_SHREDDER2776d ago

Me and my friends have been wanting multiplayer since GOW2. I love it when these noob sites tell me what I always wanted.

takohma2776d ago

I Still think MP is very much not needed. Just my opinion but God of War was the only game that made me sink into the world. I will give MP a try but I can already see there's no balance or skill in it.