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"Kratos is back! Again. We could have all hoped for a nice and fitting end to the series with God of War 3, but Sony and Santa Monica Studios had a different idea and now that angry Spartan warrior-who-became-a-god is back. And this time he’s not quite as angry as he’s been previously."

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Rob9462780d ago

Never even played fully through a God Of War game but thinking about picking up the collection and playing them before this one.

WeskerChildReborned2780d ago

You should pick up the saga which includes all 5 games. God of War is a really fun series and i enjoyed it, i'm also looking forward to pre ordering Acension soon.

MazzingerZ2780d ago

I love GoW series but I would never recommend playing all games at once...they are great playing in them with some months in between otherwise it can feel like a little too much resuting in not appreciating the games

It's similar to listening to all The Ramones albums at once, they are great, love Ramones but you need to take a break between albums to really enjoy them otherwise it can feel like a little deja-vu :D

just my opinion of course

Rob9462780d ago

Yeah I'm thinking about getting the Saga as it's such a great price for games I have being told are brilliant!

Raf1k12780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

It's a great series and as good as the gameplay is after having played just 2 of them back to back you might be a bit worn out by the gameplay mechanics let alone get through all 5.

showtimefolks2780d ago

do that its one of the best gaming series ever IMO. Have this pre ordered special edition. You know in every hack and slash game critics complain about camera or combat being good not great

well camera angles in GOW are the best in any game and story/combat fits right in with this crazy universe

BitbyDeath2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

If your into Greek Mythology then definitely get it, that's what got me into the series, the story is pretty awesome too.

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ShadyDevil2780d ago

So looks cool. Hopefully as good as the others, however it feels they are almost milking it by now.

Allsystemgamer2780d ago

It's funny how you get disagrees but those people who disagree say the same about halo

BitbyDeath2780d ago

Probably cause people have different tastes.
Also you shouldn't compare the two as Halo is more popular for it's multiplayer than it's story where as GoW is now just introducing it.

chukamachine2780d ago

I loved gow3.

I recently played the gow collection.

Awesome games.

2780d ago