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Shok2780d ago

Man I hope this doesn't mean the Wipeout series will be done.

PirateThom2780d ago

This is my biggest concern, the WipEout games were some of the most consistantly good that were coming out of a Sony first party. I can only hope they plan to merge the studio into another for this reason.

This, to me, isn't like Zipper, where their games had been underperforming, WipEout was selling, it was still of high quality and the game was reference points for how good games on PS3 and Vita could look.

FriedGoat2780d ago

Noooooo, first Psygnosis and now this? WHYY!!!

miyamoto2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


Sony Liverpool has undergone several restructuring. Sony is looking at relocating staff/talents at Sony Liverpool to other parts of the business to strengthen them.

TekoIie2780d ago

Its still not a great situation :(

Persistantthug2780d ago

But if you remember, Sony's supposed to be consolidating their "split off" and segregated workforce.

Because Liverpool's actual games of late have all been Wipeout(s), most of which are PSN games, Liverpool's duties become redundant.

The only thing that sort of bothers me, is it seems like Sony has been cutting and trimming everything except for Japan......and there's plenty amongst Sony's entire Corp in Japan that can be cut.
I may be wrong, and maybe they have cut or laid off some Japanese based jobs, but I haven't heard of it.

I would imagine, TEAM ICO might be next, unless THE LAST GUARDIAN is either a Super smash hit, or has such high critical acclaim....that could possibly save it, but we'll have to see.

ExPresident2780d ago

Even if that were the case, regarding not trimming area's around Japan, it wouldn't happen anyway. Its where Sony is based.

Raoh2780d ago

They sent the person who was the former head of Santa Monica to Japan to help out there.

I think we started to see a positive turn around for SCEJ at Gamecom.

More to come I hope.

SynGamer2780d ago

Surely with how much talent was in that studio they would move some of them around. I get that closing a studio usually means it has simply grown too large and isn't producing enough sales...but wipeout on the PS3 and vita both look pretty damn amazing and I'm sure they're capable of making more great games.

PirateThom2780d ago

Just read a Tweet from CVG, that's what they plan to do.

Sanquine902780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I hate this. WTF why is sony closing more studios? Merging with other studio's or something?

SynGamer2780d ago

Because they need to restructure and cut costs...I mean, if the studio itself isn't making enough to at least break even, it's time to reorganize.

Sanquine902780d ago

Agree , but make games that appeal to the audience. If Sony makes a Good RPG or JRPG i would throw money at them. Give me a game like dragonquest or Ni No kuni on the vita :D

Nutsack2780d ago


Eh, they hit billions of USD losses each year since the PS3 is introduced, when sales in the end aren't making up for the costs, you gotta cut the costs to get a better result on the balance sheet....

Captain Tuttle2780d ago

How is Team ICO still up and running?

PirateThom2780d ago

Team ICO is a small studio, but part of Studio Japan as a whole.

I can't imagine "Team ICO" existing after the Last Guardian comes out.

Captain Tuttle2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Good point but I guarantee that Liverpool was more profitable than Team ICO, even down to "dollar per employee".

And I think you're also right about them closing down ICO after Last Guardian (if it ever comes out).

Edit: From GAF
What in the world?
Bigbig Studios releases Vita game, Sony closes them.
Zipper Interactive releases Vita game, Sony closes them.
Studio Liverpool releases Vita game, Sony closes them.

FriedGoat2779d ago

I still want tearaway though. That better not seal media molecule's fate.

feeter2779d ago

Team Ico is just that... a team(a group within a studio... so is Project Siren)... Liverpool is a whole studio... Unless Sony plans to get rid of SCE Japan Sudio then they will be around unless Last Guardian does super bad...

ChunkyLover532780d ago

Sad days for gaming indeed. Such a shame when all of these studios have to close. This is part of the effect that I mentioned that got a ton of disagrees. You cant put out game after game, see it not sell to expectations and keep going like nothing happened.

I really enjoy Wipeout as well, got it for free after the PSN outage last year. Hopefully the workers will be merged or something, hate to see people lose their jobs.

Janitor2780d ago

Right. To all those fanboys saying sales don't matter, tell that to all these people who just lost their jobs.

ChunkyLover532779d ago

Exactly, I don't go and say "Hey my game on my console outsold yours", but I do pay attention and hope that games I enjoy sell well enough to get sequels. So many quality games I've played this generation probably wont see a sequel due to poor sales or sales below expectations.

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The story is too old to be commented.