Sony Studio Liverpool Closed

FanCensus says: "It has been reported that Sony Studio Liverpool has been closed. Founded in 1984 as Psygnosis the developer is responsible for the much loved Wipeout series as well as my favourite the Destruction Derby series."

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theunleashed642777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

WTF!!!!!!!!!!! this is sad news, what was the reason? i don't understand.

EDIT: so this isn't sad news? really? to whoever disagreed.

Shikoro2777d ago

Yeah, I don't get it. This news is worthy of 100x "What in the flying fu*k, Sony??!". T_T

Also, what in freaking flying fu*k, Sony? I've always supported what they did, but as of late...

ABizzel12776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

While it's sad it's expected to me. Unfortunately their games just are selling, and I guess it cost more money to keep them around than the profit they're bringing in, so any wise business who choose to let them go.

The WipEout games haven't broke the 500K (generally the point of profit for most games) threshold in sales since WipEout Pure for the PSP (2005). Although WipEout HD sales can't be tracked thanks to PSN, this still bodes bad for the franchise and the company.

Their other games as of late "Motorstorm" has been on a downward spiral since the first game with the latest game Motorstorm Apocalypse struggling to pass the 500k mark as well.

THe sad part is that both games are really good regardless of sales, but like the FPS genre the racing genre is too crowded (although not as much as FPS's), and worse the genre isn't as popular as it once was. You have Burnout, Need 4 Speed, Midnight Club, Ridge Racer, and Dirt varying for you money. On top of that other good racers come out like Pure, Split Second, and Blur. Then add in each consoles main selling franchises Gran Turismo, Forza and there's just too many racers to choose from.

That's 11 different racing games for the PS3 (excluding Twisted Metal). A wonderful and great variety, but at the end of the day TOO MANY unless you're a hardcore racing fan. But it not just an underperforming and overcrowded genre, it's gamers fault as well. For everyone saying they love these franchises and are sadden by the closure the sales didn't show it. While gaming is only a hobby for use IT'S A BUSINESS for them, and if money's not being made then someone's losing their job.

Hopefully it turns out to be a false rumor, because I don't want anyone to lose their job. Maybe they need a chance to design some other kind of game (different genre), or take the team and split them up among other studios.

A-Glorious-Dawn2776d ago


I agree, it's a very sad state of affairs though and truly a bummer for me.

I got Wipeout for free after the PSN fiasco,
I would have bought it to support the studio had I known how good that game is.

Wipeout is one of the most addictive racing games I have ever played, and it's a game the racing genre NEEDS. Of all the racing games you mentioned, not one can be compared to Wipeout, not because it's better than they are, but because it's unique, it has style, and lots of it.

long live studio Liverpool and please Sony, make more Wipeout games. I love them so much.

darthv722776d ago

made some great old school games. Shadow of the Beast especially was good. The turbografx super cd version is hands down the best (personally speaking) but obviously their talent on the amiga was what caught Sony's eye back in the day.

Winter47th2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )


It's the only racing games I played this gen.

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Irishguy952777d ago ShowReplies(3)
HarryMasonHerpderp2777d ago

I think we should wait for an official announcement.
If this is true though it's a dumb move from Sony, these guys have been with them since the first Playstation and delivered some amazing games.

Hopefully it's just hear say.

Jockamo2777d ago

Wipeout 2048 Facebook page: " "As some of you may have heard Sony have chosen to close Studio Liverpool as of today. This page will no longer be maintained by the WipEout Team.We have loved making every game, every minute and every one of you. Keep the faith, keep loving WipEout.Thank you for everything, Pilots. It's been an amazing journey and we'll miss you."

HarryMasonHerpderp2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Awww this sucks!

The UK barely has any game Studios left as it is.
Wipeout is/was always a game you could count on to be good and a good showcase for Sony's platforms.

Not happy about this at all a little piece of my childhood has just been shutdown.

tachy0n2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

NO MORE WIPEOUT? i just bought Wipeout 2048 with all the DLC!!!!i love it!!

gaffyh2777d ago

Does this mean no more Wipeout? What will i buy for my PS4 as launch title?!

These guys are so talented, hopefully they either start their own mini studio or get merged into other Sony first party studios.

Freak of Nature2776d ago

Sony Liverpool was working on two PlayStation 4 launch titles, Eurogamer has been told by a reliable source.

One of these was, unsurprisingly, a WipEout game described to us as "dramatically different" than previous games in the series. Another was a Splinter Cell-style game.

A source described the WipEout game as "far along". It had been in development for between 12 and 18 months.

A separate source told Eurogamer that the other game began life as a gangster style experience before it evolved into something akin to Splinter Cell. We've also heard that it used motion capture tech similar to that used by Team Bondi for LA Noire, but it was "a bit ahead of it".

All Sony Liverpool projects were cancelled by Sony this morning.

RememberThe3572776d ago

The same eurogamer report said that Sony is trying to redistribute the staff to other studios/departments. They know they have talent there but they also knew it was time to do something else. Unfortunate.

Freak of Nature2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Wait now...Who disagreed? LOL! I just posted news from Eurogamer. It's funny as soon as I post, I get a disagree on almost all my posts, no matter what I say, and I am as neutral a gamer as you can get, I play on everything...Who disagreed, common tell me why?


sticky doja2776d ago

This is N4G. Do you really need to ask that question? Understanding the mind of a fanboy is like understanding the meaning of life. Few will ever achieve that while alive on this Earth.

blackbeld2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

No Way!!!!!!

I wait for the official announce by SONY.

MastaMold2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Man this sucks hope WipEout gets made by another of Sony's 1st party devs also good luck to all the people that worked at Studio Liverpool

Sent from my PS Vita

dale_denton2776d ago

i feel you theunleashed64.. i was looking forward to a new destruction derby game.. dd2 was so dope on the ps1. i had endless hrs going the oposite way and causing a mass destruction.

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2777d ago
PirateThom2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )


Why in the name of everything would you do that?

Who is going to develop WipEout?!

Unless they're being merged with another studio, this is awful.

Edit: If they HAVE to close a studio... SCE London, seriously.

iamnsuperman2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

"If they HAVE to close a studio... SCE London, seriously"

Well maybe the internal report should more potential of sales with SCE London than the Liverpool studio. SCE London make the Singstar and eye pet franchises. Granted SCE Studio Liverpool made Wipeout (good series) it probably isn't as viable than Singstar and eye pet games who can be the family branch of Sony. I would agree with that decision

BitbyDeath2776d ago

SCE London, make the highly profitable PS Home so they won't be going anywhere.

Sucks Liverpool had to close

Captain Tuttle2777d ago

How are these guys closed and Team ICO still up and running?

And I don't even have a PS3

vega2752777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Who is to say team ICO could or couldn't be next. It may come after the release of TLG. I don't think they would close them while they are in the middle of their project.

Captain Tuttle2777d ago

How long have they been "in the middle" of that project though?

vega2752777d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I agree they have been working on it for along time. But it would push it back even more if they just closed team ico and give it to another one of their studios. Because the new studio may not share the same vision team ico did in creating it.

i think if sony does decide to do it. they will wait and see how the game turns out before they close it down. but that may mean that the sells and the quality have to be good for the lenth of time it took to make it.

Almir9082776d ago

I don't see how team ICO managed to get themselves in such a financial state without even releasing one game this gen...It's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. As for studio liverpool closing I hope it's just being a new studio being re-named or remade. Because without them where is wipeout and my new favorite racing I.P. Motorstorm?

BitbyDeath2776d ago

Evolution Studios make Motorstorm.
They are a different company to Liverpool