Gameplayer Writer Attacks Press - "Stop Telling Me I Don't like WWII Games"

Gameplayer writer Luke Reilly has fired off a shot at games journalists who are continually putting down the WWII genre in this article, declaring that a blanket hate campaign is disrespectful.

"...he doesn't temper every piece he writes with trendy put-downs and hip reflections on how we're all over WWII shooters. It's because he doesn't speak for me. Coming to you as a peer, don't speak for me. Feel free to tell me what you don't like, I'll either agree or ignore you – but don't tell me what I don't like."

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gaminoz4328d ago

Great blog and bound to have different opinions. I agree with him. The problem is that the WW2 games we have had are all set in the same places with the same armies. There were so many theatres of war in WW2 and we only get some of them in games, repeated. COD4 is great, don't get me wrong, but it is nothing particularly revolutionary imo. It is a shooter with present day guns and terrorists (very 'now'). Keep making the COD4s, but there is nothing wrong with WW2. Unfortunately the next big one, Brothers In Arms is set during Market Garden- again. Sigh.

Tempist4328d ago

Semi agree, but you have to look at the market that will chew up the War FPS; America. And so, the games tend to have a slight bias towards what battles/ theaters that get covered.

If they wanted to do something new with the old war genre, WWI should be covered some how. That would be interesting to see how it would be created and what it would be focused on.

MikeGdaGod4328d ago

i HATE WWII games and will never buy one.......PERIOD

i'll take COD4 anytime

OpiZA4328d ago

Love it. BiA:HH will be one of the better games this year... represent WW2.

There's such a wealth of heart stopping events from that war. This genre will hopefully never die.

bohemian 234328d ago

It's not that I disagree with him but I think he needs some self reflection time, because that whole article was him whining and it doesn't help his case. Don't take this the wrong way but why is there never a WW2 game where you are a nazi ? I don't mean concentration camp style but maybe let you actually see more of the propaganda side of things and how someone could actually follow Hitler. That would be an interesting take on the genre instead of American or British troops only.

SpaceCowgirl4328d ago

Nothing is more fun than going to war with The Germans. I have been shooting at Terrorists, zombies, aliens, monsters, demons, ghosts, vikings, demon Gary Coleman, robots, everything. But nothing brings me more sadistic glee than a bunch of Angry Germans shouting and throwing stick grenades at me as they goose step towards me cloaked in black and lugers in the air.

Caliber4328d ago

Seriously, that article was horribly written. The guy reasons like a 10-year old.

"Have some respect, for the fallen, and for other’s opinions".
He's trying to twist people's feelings of being fed up with WWII shooters into them disrespecting the casualties of WWII. And he obviously doesn't have respect for their opinions.

The fact is that there has been very many shooters based on this one specific war, and that most of them are pretty much the same game. WWII has been exploited to death,it's time to move on and do something new.