EA Gothenburg developing new Need For Speed

EA Gothenburg is developing a new Need For Speed title, according to the online CV of one of the studio's employees.

The LinkedIn profile of a producer at the studio states that he's "working on the best racing franchise ever - Need for Speed", and is responsible for "UI and Autolog".

Other employees hired by the studio suggest that Gothenburg has been primarily established to develop racing games.

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Dreamer092782d ago

Underground 3 please... It's actually uncanny how many people want it.

GamerElite2782d ago

Why does people still want an Underground sequel. The whole Fast & furious, souping up your car, 2002 era is dead.

PastyGangster2782d ago

Because that was what Need For Speed was all about. Most Wanted 2 just looks like another burnout, looks nothing like a Need For Speed game.

secretcode2782d ago

Wait, whatever happened to Criterion being in charge of the Need For Speed franchise now?

DeadlyFire2782d ago

Criterion might lead NFS franchise, but its unlikely they will be only studio developing titles. Considering next-gen and Portables out there. Its possible this studio is working on different platforms than Criterion.

Wingsfan242782d ago

Yea, I thought EA said Criterion would be developing all future NFS. But, if they remade most Wanted, or Paradise 2 if that's what you want to call it, I can see a remake of Underground coming too.

SAE2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

prostreet was great game , i had fun playing it , i wouldn't mind buying a sequel to it even though i dont like racing games , its fun playing with my brothers...

i agree with you guys , underground 3 is a must , it's what made need for speed famous , it's really fun playing it even for the normal people , i still remember playing it ...

DeadlyFire2781d ago

Well Hot Pursuit back in the PSX era is what made NFS famous, but you are right in a way Underground was a big hit in its generation. I myself even loved it. Although 2nd one was kinda so-so to me.