7 Reasons to Go Back to GTA: San Andreas

Ben Salter of MMGN: With all the Grand Theft Auto V talk of late, I decided to take a trip to Los Santos as we once knew it in San Andreas, and wow, that game still delivers. While Vice City is arguably the better game, San Andreas is the irrupted king of sandbox games when it comes to creating your own adventure within a thriving landscape.

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Stuart57562786d ago

Only need 1 reason....

It was effin awesome!!!

showtimefolks2785d ago

i agree with this user.

i hope soon RS announce a HD collection would love to play these in HD. and PC fans i mean play these on consoles. (every time i have said HD collection people have said buy it on pc)

iamnsuperman2786d ago

I didn't really like GTA: SA. The open map was amazing but I found there was way to much stuff. For instance eating and weight lifting having an effect on the characters weight which in turn affected your performance. Great in theory but just became a pain in reality.

To be fair I did play this awhile ago and that opinion might have changed

BitbyDeath2785d ago

I thought the same, Vice City is the best GTA IMO.
Taking over that mansion was one of the best moments in gaming.

Bathyj2785d ago

I dont disagree with what you said, but you can pretty much ignore all that stuff cant you?

At least you werent being harassed to go bowling every 5 minutes.

iamnsuperman2785d ago

If I remember rightly it was mainly the eating thing that bugged me. I was a lot younger (too young really) when it came out so my opinion might have changed if I play it again

xflo3602786d ago

I REALLY want this on ps vita! Dont get me wrong i know u csn download it on various systems ( ive got it on pc ) but i know i would get into it more on vita also it would look better on a small screen!

Bathyj2785d ago

It would look awesome.

Imagine being able to carry a map the size of San Andreas around in your pocket.

CrimsonessCross2785d ago

Sounds like it might be time for me to either

A) get a copy on my PC
B) Hook up my Playstation 2

I definitely feel like playing this a bit again after just seeing the article.