NBC News app now on Xbox Live

Joystiq writes: Microsoft has announced that the National Broadcasting Company (colloquially known as NBC) has released a news app on Microsoft's Xbox Live.

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TheKayle2786d ago

u know the hub...right?.......

xbox will become the console for the home....while the other will remain the console for the kids room

mcstorm2786d ago

TheKayle you are right and this is what MS are trying to do. I remember years ago MS said everyone will have a pc connected to there pc and it will do everything from Playing game to Video, Music ect. This kind of fell flat on its face and that is why MS have now pushed out the Xbox as a Media hub and the next Xbox will be the start of this being the centre of everyone's home.

GhettoBlasStarr2786d ago

I wonder if Micosoft would've came out with "The Media Hub" how many would they sell??
And if you had bought one and then later there were more "Video Games" on it instead of media, Would you feel like you've wasted your money??

TheKayle2786d ago

video games ...r media....

microsoft is just trying to give everyone what he and sports for the dad.....motion games for who isnt an hardcore gamer (usually mum and childs) ...some hardcore exclusives for the hardcore best online service...and now also internet........add the integration (high probabilty) with w8 ...smartglass function...ecc ecc..honestly..i cant blame ms...they doing so good...but like someone other said...hater gonna hate...i got ps3 and xbox and also if im playing more on ps3 in the last 8 9 months....i see the next xbox..have more chance to dominate the market than the ps4 (that i think it will be always the the ps3 but with more power)

nukeitall2786d ago

Your comment is *yawn*!

Jazz41082785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I also seen ms is adding a election app to show both partys primary and the debates in the us. Its also allows you to sign up and vote. I think its a great idea to get the younger generation involved in the us if of course its your country and this ap will only be available in the US and i like ms thinking. @digitalraptor...i thought from your past post ms charges to game online and now your saying its because of newz and facebook. When will you realize why people pay for live is because it offers so much in one place and does it very well.

chela2786d ago

so service growin up. bad news? lol

cleft52786d ago

Wow the NBC app, I am really glad I throw away my $60 a year for XBL with such quality content as this crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.