Sony Patent: convert TV commercials into interactive PlayStation Move games & More

New Sony patent that will allow television commercials to be played as online social games using the PS3 & other devices some games are shown using the PlayStation Move.

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DaThreats4120d ago

Thats pretty neat
Play a game during the commercials

yewles14120d ago

Nu Ads beating it to the punch...

baodeus4120d ago

MS incorporating interactive commercials in to games


Sony incorporating interactive game into commercials

So what is the difference?

SPARDA_4264120d ago

Microsoft is annoying gamers, while Sony is allowing gamers to enjoy.

chela4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

difference is N4G gnna explain you sony move with some crap talk, and diss MS move.

AngelicIceDiamond4120d ago

Lol no matter what Sony wants you to be playing everything, including commercials.

MasterCornholio4120d ago

Or commercials on Gaikai.

The mysteries that surround Sony.

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Sony expands emotion-sensing plans with new patent for games that know & adapt to your feelings

From Xfire: "Imagine a PlayStation that could sense and react to gamer's joy, frustration, or boredom."

-Foxtrot5d ago

Great so my console is going to be depressed and anxious 24/7

Seraphim4d ago

come now Fox, we all know you also have bouts of enjoyment while playing some games. Therefore it's not all depression and anxiety, just 90% that. ;P

northpaws4d ago


No, when it knows you are depressed, then it would cheer you up, to keep gamers in a good mental state.

RAFTECH264d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheColbertinator4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Is Peter Molyneux working for Sony now?

RonnySins4d ago

No, thanks. I want to play games, not to be a lab rat for your experiments.

Seraphim4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

technically this could be used to enhance games. Struggling with something and just broke your controller. We see you, dial down the difficulty to noob so you can finally have that dopamine rush of excitement which comes from finally beating that boss...

I mean, I agree, no thanks, but patents like these tend to be rather premature and something that wouldn't come to fruition for a few+ more decades. Proof of concept and trademark so others can't capitalize on the idea... Even then, it did come to fruition it still requires the player to have a camera in their room or a headset on. Long as they don't force something like this similar to what XB did with Kinect then to each their own I suppose. It's a hard pass for me though, and if they tried to force something like this on a PS console, see ya later PS.

anast4d ago

Turn up. I'm ready. Let's open the flood gates, I'm in a hurry to some something "actually crazy" in gaming.