The Remains of Rare

In 2002, Microsoft bought Rare. Nintendo had decided that the company was costing the Japanese giant more time and money than they it was worth and sold their 49% stake in Rare. After winning a bidding war with Activision, Microsoft found themselves the full owners of Rare, creators of Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Banjo-Kazooie… They had their Ace in the hole and it only cost them $375 million.

It quickly became clear that Microsoft did not know how to handle a company like Rare.

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George Sears2778d ago

Rare is nothing compared to what it used to be on my childhood days. You guys have no idea how obsessed I was with Goldeneye. To the point where my best friend and I were rivals of the game.

Fucking loved these guys. Now.... pfft.

Phil322778d ago

I was always a Perfect Dark guy. Loved playing multiplayer games with friends and simulants. Also loved the huge arenas.

I miss when Rare had their magic.

isntchrisl2778d ago

I kind of wish Nintendo would buy them back, if not for the IP's alone.

black9112778d ago

EA is up for sale and imagine if Microsoft bought them.

isntchrisl2778d ago

If they retained enough shares to stay multiplatform, not much would change. But if MS bought exclusivity, the industry would change. Sony and MS would start developing more of their own sports titles. It might force some creativity and new IPs.

I don't think MS would do it though. EA games do well enough on their platform right now without throwing billions of dollars at EA.

isntchrisl2778d ago

I put a ton of hours into Goldeneye multiplayer. Actually Rare supplied a lot of great N64 games. I loved the DKC games too.

It's a shame they've been demoted to me-too casual games.