Gamer Stereotypes -- The Evolution of Geek

Anyone who doesn't believe that gamers come in all shapes, sizes, political affiliations and nationalities hasn't been paying attention for the last ten years. Anyone of any profession could potentially be on the other side of that user name or gamertag. Yet, there are still people in the world who earnestly and steadfastly believe that all gamers are the same person. Some overweight, unshaven, failure with a keyboard or a controller constantly glued to their hand or some one's kid who just doesn't know any better. However hard we as a community try to throw off gamer stereotypes they seem to persist. Personally, I blame the baby-boomers and the generation which preceded them. Generation X is solidly into their thirties, Generation Y close on their heels, and a myriad of others from the 60's and 70's have also taken up the plastic.

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