Console XP: Diabolical Pitch Review

Shahrukh Alam wrote: "Diabolical Pitch for the Kinect is really a narrow miss. Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, Diabolical Pitch reminds me of one of those games that tries to be creative, dumb, and fun all at the same time (Gun Stringer), but are unable to hit the high notes on any of these factors. Lets check out what this Kinect title has to offer.

The story mode here makes no sense and it’s a good thing because if it did, the game play here would’ve made the overall experience much worst. You play as MacAllister, a former pitcher who due to an arm injury receives a bionic arm. To redeem his past success he goes on to visit an amusement park which he believes will lead him to success again. Long story short, the events leads him into throwing baseballs at stuffed animals which are trying to kill him (Diabolical Indeed!). If you play games for their stories and characters, diabolical pitch is a big No for you. Furthermore, the campaign will only last for about 4 hours or may be less."

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