Could Late PS3 Games Compete Visually With Xbox 720 Titles?

If the new Xbox comes out before the PS4, would it be fair to compare later PS3 exclusives such as The Last Of Us to Xbox 720 launch games...?

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liveActionLeveler2781d ago

Didn't read the article, but just addressing that question, personally, I'd say no. Next gen is probably gonna have many new features like tessellation which is not going to be possible on last of us or any late gen game.

Xof2781d ago

In terms of fidelity, obviously, later-generation hardware will almost always trump earlier-generation hardware.

But there's a very important word coming next: but.

BUT when people use the term 'graphics,' fidelity is seldom the sole concept they're talking about. Most people recognize that there are other, more subjective elements of a games visuals that matter far more than the mechanical competency of the display.

We're talking, of course, about the creative element. The imaginative, artistic element of 'graphics.'

And that is dependent not on hardware, but on the talent, skill and dedication of the development team.

Do I even need to point out examples? Square Enix's Dragon Quest re-makes on the DS have some absolutely fantastic sprite-work and hand-drawn visuals that blow most modern games out of the water. The Infinity Engine games presented far more elaborate, detailed and cohesive worlds than Bioware was able to get with -any- of its subsequent games until (arguably) Mass Effect 2. Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VII were both later-era PS2 games that look better, far better, than the majority of PS3-era RPGs. Hell, Jak and Daxter and the PS2 has animation of such high quality that it's still very impressive today, and the only developer (other than ND) to even approach that level has been Ubisoft. That's two developers--out of hundreds.

When discussing the visual element of gaming, it's very important--rather, absolutely crucial--to differentiate between sheer mechanical fidelity (things like resolution, anti-aliasing, lighting effects, tessellation, etc.), the aesthetic (art design, palate, character animations, area composition, etc.), and the atmospheric (background animation, background effects, secondary/tertiary audio, environmental animation, etc.).

Simply using the word "graphics" or "visuals" is too imprecise, too vague for any intelligent or intelligible discussion or debate.

And, no, liveActionLeveler, this isn't all directed at your comment. It's just one more example of me taking a stand against hamfisted language. Speficity is key! Those who do not say what they mean cannot mean what they say.

EVILDEAD3602781d ago

First off..after this E3 it's clear I just find it extremely hard to believe the actual launch (not E3 announcement) will be in 2013..but it won't show on shelves until Fall 2014..

Naught Dogs PS3 'Last'..Pun intended won't even be here for over a year..earlest is Fall of 2013..and by then the game will definately shine..

But it's not going to be the only one by far..

We are talking a swan song end of a gen with the likes of..

Halo 4
Assassin's Creed 3
Black Ops 2
The God of War prequel
The Gears of War prequel
Bioshock: Infinite
Battlefield 4
Modern Warfare 4
Bungie's New Shooter
Ubisoft MAY pull the trigger on Watch Dogs (although I suspect they will be gunshy after GTA V and wait till next gen)

These ALL but guarantee IMO that we won't see Next gen until the fact that the install bases of the 360 and PS3 will now push closer to 80 million..

So you are talking games that will release well within the 1 year window of the 720 and even PS4 launches. So grahically they will absolutely hold up again whatever comes out next gen.


pixelsword2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Yes; only because the PS3 will have experienced developers and the "720" developers won't be as experienced. Later on though the "720" devs will make better looking games, I would say.

Just like How GoW II was looking better then a lot of PS3/360 games but now that game is still impressive, but can't hold a candle graphically to games like Halo 4 or Gow III for example.


Stop calling it the 720 until Microsoft confirms that name, which probably won't be the 720.

NastyLeftHook02781d ago

Im not sure about that, But what i am sure of is this, The Last Of Us is the most visually striking game on any console, The ai was also the best.

DasTier2781d ago

Your stating this from one demo youve seen? That seems a pretty ridiculous statement tbh. You've seen what 30 seconds of ai and it's "the best" if anything it reminded me of condemned in the way it ambushed you. Also calling something "the most visually striking" is very subjective.

BitbyDeath2781d ago

Someone say Ambush

Damn that'd be scary with the lights off.

miyamoto2781d ago

This is one thing I discussed with Mr. Yoshida regarding the 100-120GB Blu-ray Discs.

Belking2781d ago

Late PS3 games look no better than the early ones to me. The last of us looks like uncharted to me. I even think Uncharted 2 looks better from what we've seen so far. TLOU may have advanced in AI but the graphics are still really not much better. You can still tell the difference between cut scene and gameplay.

MysticStrummer2781d ago

"Late PS3 games look no better than the early ones to me."

When was the last time you had your vision checked?

Belking2781d ago

My vision is fine. You guys are confusing cut scenes with actual gameplay. there is a big difference between the two and you can still see it plain as day. Next gen it should be a lot harder to tell the difference.

Jdoki2781d ago


Fire up Uncharted 1 and then Uncharted 3, and you'll see a lot of difference. Smoother animation, better interaction with environment, more graphical effects, more happening on screen, (some) better textures, and so on.

Going back to Uncharted 1 does feel like a step backwards now.

This isn't the only example.

fathoms2781d ago

I'm sorry, but that's absurd. Gameplay-wise, the differences are extremely significant, especially in terms of detail, clarity, and animation.

I have no idea what you're looking at. I mean, I've never heard anything so...obviously false.

black9112781d ago

Beyond Two Souls is the best looking game I've ever seen.

dcortz20272781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Well seeing as the Xbox 360's best looking games would only be considered above average on the PS3 then it is possible for PS3 games that come out late in the PS3's life cycle to compete with Xbox 720 games. Sad, but true.

Allsystemgamer2781d ago

Halo 4 is looking pretty damn good graphically....

elitesupreme2781d ago

props to the Halo franchise for finally looking good, but how long did it take MS and Bungie to produce something as visually impressive as what PS3 has offered it's userbase?

DasTier2780d ago

@elitesupreme yes it may have taken Microsoft a while to create a graphically impressive Halo, but Sony STILL haven't got any games which are half as impressive as halo gameplay wise.

EVILDEAD3602781d ago

Well seeing as the Xbox 360's best looking games would only be considered above average on the PS3 then it is possible for PS3 games that come out late in the PS3's life cycle to compete with Xbox 720 games. Sad, but true..

Lol..Only when you wear the fankid goggles..sad but true.

Show me all those 4 player online and offline shooters like Reach and Gear 3 on the PS3 and I'll show you all those one player adventure games Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 clones on the 360..THEN we will compare graphics and claim who was better..In fact throw in Forza 4 and pretend that it's only 'above average' compared to ANY racer on the PS3.

Throw in the multi-plats and pretend that EVERY one of them are all above average graphics on the PS3..

I've owned my PS3 for 3 years and I looove what Naughty pulled off as they are the cream of crop on the PS3..but that is with that particuliar kind of game and experience. Naughty can't out do an Elder Scrolls graphically with what they do, Naughty can't outdo what even Bioware has done with Mass Effect..

Even in the adventure realm are we saying Batman Arkham was literally just 'Above average' grahpics on the PS3..are we going to claim that Assassin's creed 3 looks like above Average graphics..

On topic...Naughty will make nothing short of a brilliant looking game that absolutely will look great against next gen games..but they arent the only ones.


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