Okami Producer Weighs in on PS3 vs. Xbox 360

1UP: Before, I guess when you guys had the support of Capcom, even before you formed Clover Studio, you could get away with doing games like Steel Battalion with its giant, unique controller and stuff like that, but now that you're moving on, is there any sort of preference, like, for the console you develop for? You know, is the Wii a more attractive proposition because maybe it's not as complex and doesn't require as much manpower to create a title for that system as the PS3 might, or are handhelds a more attractive console because maybe they don't take as many resources?

AI: Of course the Wii and DS are attractive platforms; they're platforms that aren't competing by way of the graphics. It's more about the gameplay. Of course we do want to create games on Wii and DS. But we have staff that has been creating games on the newest technology, like the PS3 and Xbox 360, so we are not interested in cutting that out. Because, if we do that, that's going to cut out one of the flavors available to us. So even if it's going to be tough creating a game on one of those platforms, we are not going to give up on that. We are going to create games on these platforms, too.

To be honest, if we're going to consider the Western market, we should be thinking of creating a game on the 360; however, the 360 is not doing that good in Japan, and we're a Japanese studio, so do we want to ignore Japan? And let's think about the European market. Well, is 360 doing good there? No. So OK, what about PS3? Well, how well the PS3 is doing is still kind of vague, you don't know where to go with PS3. Now let's look at Wii. Wii has a huge market, but are there real game titles that are popular on Wii? And the answer is no, there are no real titles out there yet. So right now the consumer machines are in a very not-clear stage. So, to be honest, I wish that there was just one platform, one winning platform that we could concentrate on.

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KILLERAPP4006d ago

Well is to go exclusives PS3 all the way because the PS3 has Europe and Japan and this game will also sell in US. This is a no brainier.

wageslave4006d ago

Perhaps we can have a little more introspection in this forum? If you read the whole article, it is clearly more nuanced than what you suggest.

Lets hope that everyone gets to enjoy great games.

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CrazzyMan4006d ago

Big attach rate shows only, that console has good hardcore userbase, and low casual gamer base.
cause, hardcore gamers ussually buy 10-15 games, while casuals 2-4 per year.
more over, those hardcore gamers can move to ps3 any time, because they are hardcore.
now, about 16+ units, you shouldn`t account broken consoles, it`s lame.
then again, japanese developers want be famous also in Japan, x360 is not best platform, to appeal to japanes auditory. Games like BD and LO has proved that.

What the advantage of x360? For NOW it`s a BIG enough userbase in USA, but the gap will be miimal after BIG ps3 games releases. You can stay in denial, but after 1 year you will see that with your own eyes, as you can see NOW, PS3 is not doomed anymore.

WilliamRLBaker4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

a sided opinion at that....the gap will be closed in your opinion and by opinion only its not fact by the numbers and recent news those 2008 big releases will be delayed again...

and simply put its true...this is why Okami sold so badly because the studio has very bad buisness make profit and sales where you make them which is one reason for the past 20 years japan has been in an economic repression, and most gamers are turning to portable gaming systems now and consoles are in a down trend because the buisness sense makes no sense dont continue to exclusively cater to a japanese audiance when they are not your only and bigger source of profit and sales.

ruibing4006d ago

Though this should be in the Open Zone, I do have a question about this whole attach rate business. Is the 360's better attach rate considered within a one year or two year period? I mean buying seven 360 games is not so impressive if it's after one to two years of ownership by most users.

If you look at must have titles for each system, the 360 obviously has a bit more than half a dozen. Is there any 360 owners who didn't buy Halo 3? The same goes for the PS3, except it had less universal must-have titles. I mean is there any PS3 owners who are not going to get MGS4?

My point is to stop pointing out these facts like that without listing out their weaknesses.

lesferdinand4006d ago

"17+million units out there"

There are definitely 17+ million units out there (shipped from Microsoft), though it's very probable that the number of consoles sold to consumers is much lower (probably in the millions lower).

MS has shipped 17.7 million consoles. Only 10 million buyers have made use of their free trial Live subscription (which gets you a free game when you first go online and register). This is a big discrepancy for a console who's prime strength is its tightly integrated online offering.

It's a shame that nobody really looks into these numbers. Probably has to do with little business knowledge within the gaming press.

See the link below for a more detailed analysis:

CrazzyMan4006d ago

but in my comment there is NO hate on other platforms, so i don`t see the problem here.

@WilliamRLBaker, try to remeber Shenmue and xbox.

p.s. and bring my 5th bubble BACK!

duarteq4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

"There are definitely 17+ million units out there (shipped from Microsoft"

Of this 17 million ( lot of zeros ) shipped how may were used as a trade because of the 33% failure rate of Microsoft Xbox360 ??? Are really 17 millions X360 sold ??? I think if my calculations are right and if we, for instance use the 33% failure ratio, then Xbox sold are about 11.22 Million cause you got to trade your console. I know it's not like that, but as anyone think this way ? Remember, those are shipped units, not sold units...

Just to think

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KILLERAPP4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Sorry but when I read the article it just a paragraph not the full interview.

Ludwig4006d ago

While PS3 in console number is equal/potential winner towards 360 in Europe, game sales are nothing to compare.. This kind of "avant garde" games are made for the hardcore gamers that buy more games.

In japan both are selling poorly, specially in games.

jackdoe4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Actually. No. The standard games popular in Japan sell well on the PS3, ie. DW6 and piss poor on the 360. Just seems to be a stigma against the 360 over there. In the US, it is completely different, but like the producer says, they are a Japanese company.

antoinetm4006d ago

as long as they make their games for the ps3, i dont care if they port it to the 360 or wii

ruibing4006d ago

Me neither, as long as it doesn't accept optimal performance and development time.

jackdoe4006d ago

That seems to be Capcom's strategy. I can see why a producer wants to make money, but to the developer, I don't think he honesty gives a damn whether the game he makes will be on the console with the most units sold.

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