Daily Reaction: Why Are Zombies Taking Over the Games Industry?

In today’s Daily Reaction we discuss why zombies are popping up in so many recent titles. With Resident Evil 6 going gold today, zombies making appearances in games like Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, and even rumored to be in an undead expansion for Skyrim – it seems we are just beginning to see the zombie virus spread across our favorite franchises. - PSLS

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D3stinySm4sher2788d ago

It's simple.

Zombies are us. Zombies are humans that are dead; therefore, the same style of violence as one would utilize against humans but without the moral ambiguity.

On another note, they don't require much creativity to design or work a scenario around. They're just dead people -- design, done. They mindless eat other people -- motivation, done. They turn who they eat into them -- explanation for masses of them, done.

Not to say that creative things can't use zombies, of course. But most of the time, it's just a cheap cop-out. The Walking Dead series is one of the very fleeting few video games I can think of that uses zombies as a set up for thoughtful scenarios.

Flavor2788d ago

Theres also alot in there that has to do with hatred of society, paranoia, nihilism.. the 'survivalist' mentality... and the same mindset that leads people to shoot up public places, namely rendering human beings down into non sympathetic objects or the faceless 'enemy'.

Modern society!

NastyLeftHook02788d ago

Its getting annoying, Where are they going to put zombies next? Why not put them in Heavy Rain? Why not change the whole story of assassins creed and make zombies with a mcdonalds french fry and a red bull in the other hand just disgustingly shooting other ai in a fps. I swear zombies are the worst thing to happen with the game industry today. Why are zombies so special? It really makes no sense at all.

I can understand resident evil ect...but other games doing it just makes no sense. I swear there probably going to make

Madden " zombie addition

Gran Turismo zombie addition

Ace Combat Zombie addition.

reznik_zerosum2788d ago

of course it makes sense,zombies in gaming industry imply some very specific aspect of gameplay,and people react to that more than positively + lazy and untalented devs that will always go for popular and easy solutions.Zombies represent black hole of creativity and design,without need for any motivation or backstory.Its just one big-open horde fu*k-yeah mode for masses.

But lets not forget,many games that are 100% focused on zombies represent something totally different from this cheap-ass modes,respect to L4D and Resi.

Kurt Russell2788d ago

I think you may be blowing things a little out of proportion. I would direct your anger towards war fighters, or street fighter... as there are far more samey games in those genres. Leave my zombie games alone.

smashcrashbash2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Except for a few exception developers are getting lazier, more monotonous and repetitive. All these people are trying to make the perfect zombie game and all I say is who cares anymore? We have had everything from silly zombies, dark humor zombies to serious zombies to DLC zombies to pseudo zombies and everything else in between.By the look of what Capcom is doing with RE6 looks like even they are getting tired of it. Enough with the vampires, werewolves and zombies in media people. There are other monsters and creatures in legend you know.Try thinking outside the box like the clever people do.

In the end it is always the same. We are some ordinary people who survive a zombie outbreak and we find as many cruel and inventive ways to kill them without an ounce of remorse or hesitation.'Everyone has turned into flesh eating monsters so I will console myself by seeing how far I can kick your head through the air and how many ways I can cut you to pieces and light you on fire' How about we fight some gremlins or ghosts or swamp creatures or goblins or warlocks or something

@ BitbyDeath. Yeah,as if even half of them could survive a zombie apocalypse. People think they will jump up and suddenly becomes some kick butt zombie survivor when most of us will probably blow our brains out in despair while the rest would probably cower in our houses afraid to come out. The only people that will probably be out there killing zombies will be the people who have gone crazy.

BitbyDeath2788d ago

Cause people secretly want a real-life zombie apocalypse.

level 3602788d ago

I think it's because with zombies we can basically take-out our frustrations and justify the violence and rage deep within us without remorse and repercussions by anyone and everybody.

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