Command & Conquer: Generals 2 fans create a petition for a proper PC game

DSOGaming writes: "Naturally, Command & Conquer fans got upset and decided to create a petition for a proper, triple-A PC game. According to the petition's description, the game's community got annoyed with EA's choices as they are scrapping the single player portion of the game, and making it an online only, multi player game."

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ThatKanadianKid2780d ago

This site has sooo many ads on it that I feel it's like a phishing site.

Doubt the petition will go anywhere, but certainly doesn't help EA's outlook with the community.

AusRogo2780d ago

Whoa wait wtf? It has no single player? (Sorry if I'm a bit behind lol) feck you ea :(

mynameisEvil2780d ago

I'm sorry, WHAT? THEY SCRAPPED SINGLE-PLAYER? My rage right now is unmatched. "Oh, but they're actually putting it back in!" I don't actually hear you say. Yeah, likely for cash. Besides, these missions are, knowing EA, going to be as long as some of their cheap-ass DLC rather than having proper campaigns.

BitbyDeath2780d ago

Lol Westwood, how the mighty have fallen.