Dust: An Elysian Tail Review | For the Love of Gaming

The story is amazingly well written and executed. Interaction with the character is shown in cut scenes which overlay the main game screen, as each character design is shown of in all its glory. The voice acting as sublime too, with every character having a personality of their own, with even the usually annoying sidekick being well written and performed. Some of the best parts of the game is the banter between Dust and Fidget.

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M1chl2777d ago

I have just completed this game and man hope that Noogy gonna make Steam/PSN version of this game. All of you out there need to play this masterpiece. This game is my GotY, its totaly awesome. I don't even expect something special, I just read few post on neogaf, hopw great it is...and yeah its more than great. Whoever have Xbox, buy this, you won't regret this!