Estimated Software Sales for Q4 2007

Next Gen recently posted a fairly well thought out story that takes the NPD numbers we've been given and extrapolates estimates of software sales, per platform, for Q4 2007. I won't try to summarize his process, as he does a number of different things, but suffice it to say that he does a pretty fine job given what data we have.

And he sure does make some fine looking bar graphs.

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KILLERAPP4331d ago

Well that is to expected the 360 had great titles available the PS3 just had a few.

pwnmaster30004331d ago

dam americans who dont buy games.
im american

KILLERAPP4331d ago

Well good for you have nice day. Bye bye miss american pie.

WIIIS14331d ago

Again, the point is made that 360 is the choice console for gamers.

dale14331d ago

ps3 software is selling better in eu than 360 nintendo wi software now, but ds software is selling better than any platform

wiizy4331d ago

oh please.. the wii has been selling more software then both ps3 and xbox 360 in eu... and in the next few months that number will double

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