Moving Myst from Your Mouse to Your Stylus

How do you take one of the best selling games of all time and THE defining adventure game title and move it to the Nintendo DS? Can you translate a point and click pixel hunt to a stylus and touchpad? How DO you fit over 80 hours of gaming on a DS cartridge? joined a few select members of the games press to ask just those questions and more with Producer Manny Granillo of Empire Interactive on their upcoming release of Myst DS.

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coolfool4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

I remember when I first played Myst. I didn't buy it, it was strangely bundled with an HP printer we bought. I hadn't even heard of the game. But we fired it up and the intro and music was enough to suck us in.

The game was hard but I am proud to say that I did complete it. Well, it wasn't me alone, me and my brothers were playing it and we'd each solve a different puzzle; not take it in turns but who ever thought of it first. Now if you want hard, almost to the realm of convoluted, then Riven is your game!

Myst didn't have 80 hours of play. It had about 1 hour of play and 79 hours of scratching your head.

I not sure, however, that the DS userbase will really like or appreciate Myst so I am unsure as to how well this will really do.