How Does The PS3/Vita Combo Stack Up Against The Wii U/GamePad?

PSLS: "This holiday season brings with it the launch of Nintendo’s new tablet-centric console, the Wii U. The system’s innovative controller aims to once again revolutionize the way we play games, much like how motion control changed industry when the Wii was first released. While Nintendo’s new console likely won’t see the same explosive launch its predecessor received several years ago, there’s no denying the fact that the Wii U GamePad opens up a range of possibilities for new gaming experiences not currently seen on other consoles."

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MultiConsoleGamer2781d ago

How did the Move stack up to the Wiimote?

How did the PS Eye stack up against the Kinect?

NukaCola2780d ago

What I find interesting is that the Wii U will have 3 controllers.

The WiiMotion+
The Tablet
and the Xbox-like Controller

I think the Wii is banking on the use of multiple controllers. Also think if Sony supports the games with Cross Buy and Cross Play interaction like Sly 4 does for example..they will show the Vita is a perfect companion for PS3 and PS4. It is about support and Sony has learned that support is a large part of it. It's two items and they wont ever be 100% since they aren't the controller and the system like Wii U, but in time the Vita will work just the way it should.

BTW Vita Controller support for PS3 is coming in a few days with v1.8 so um...we are already getting it friends.

MuleKick2780d ago

Imagine a $400 Super Slim / vita combo.

beerkeg2780d ago


'Imagine a $400 Super Slim / vita combo. '

Imagine how much it wouldn't sell.

ShinMaster2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

The Move is better than the Wiimote, without a doubt.

The PS Eye alone can't match Kinect. But the PS Eye + Move combo are better than Kinect, at least when it comes to gameplay.

Unless we're just talking about sales here.

It's pointless to compare Vita to Wii U. The Vita is a full on portable gaming console, not just a controller.

Cross Buy and Cross Play are a smart move by Sony.

nukeitall2780d ago


But the PS Eye + Move combo are better than "Kinect, at least when it comes to gameplay."

That is not entirely true as the excellent voice control in Kinect makes certain games pure bliss, such as ME3. There are also great games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports while PS Eye + Move has no real games worth speaking of. In fact, it has no real use at all at this point!

ShinMaster2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

You must be joking.
Voice command has been around for a while and is possible with other headsets and PS Eye. Can't believe you people ate that up.
Pure bliss? seriously lol

""Move has no real games worth speaking of""
How is that relevant to GAMEPLAY? Kinect overcomplicates simple tasks and restricts freedom of actions. Kinect games have to be oversimplified because more complex tasks that require an actual controller would be impossible.

""Great games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports""
Ha, my point exactly.
That's as far as Kinect goes. Not to mention there are equivalent games for Move among many other games:
Move can be implemented effectively in core games. That's the point.

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Pixel_Enemy2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Their support is what's terrible. Move is 10x more accurate than the wiimote. The fact that it had practically zero games is where it failed.

The same will happen with the Vita/PS3 combination. VERY few first party games will take advantage of linking the two together. The awesome features that the vita promised at launch will fall through the cracks and only burn the fans that bought the systems for those reasons.

I am a huge Sony fan but this is just the sad truth.

PixL2780d ago

Wikipedia lists 110 Move games. I hardly find it to be "zero". Get your facts straight, then talk about truth. I never expected Move to replace DS but it has its uses.

andrewsqual2780d ago

Wait I ssumed the article meant cross purchasing and here is where the 3DS fails. There is no reason that any of the games that came to 3DS couldn't come to Wii either. Also on Wii U it is looking highly unlikely it will be out at Christmas if they still won't divulge any info on it.

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Ben_Grimm2781d ago

I'm sure you could find those articles as well when they were first released.

Sev2781d ago

Yeah, it's all really a tough call. The Move is so much better than the Wiimote, but there is hardly any software for it.

Kinect blows the PS Eye out of the water. But they were also released years apart.

The PS3/Vita Wii U situation is a little different. The Wii U isn't even out yet, and the PS3 has this massive install base already. All PS3 owners need to do is purchase a Vita and they have a Wii U like experience. Whereas they'd have to buy the Wii U (likely much more expensive) to get similar features that what are already available on the PS3.

We'll see, though. Sony has been known to fuck up great plays before. And turning the PS3/Vita combo into a Wii U like experience could be a perfect play for them. They just need developers on board.

I can see it working well. It may even keep the Wii U from standing out since the PS3/Vita will be able to do it too. It all depends on if third-party Wii U games are designed for the PS3/Vita this way. A few PSN games aren't going to cut it. They need more support than what they've done with the Move.

BrutallyBlunt2781d ago

"The Move is so much better than the Wiimote, but there is hardly any software for it."

That really is the key, support. Move doesn't have it and likely never will this generation. If it were in every system like the Wiimote that would be different but it was marketed poorly, supported poorly and came out too late.

"Kinect blows the PS Eye out of the water. But they were also released years apart."

One's a 3D camera while the other is a 2D camera. Kinect is also still very limited due to it's lag reaction time and recognition abilities.

"The PS3/Vita Wii U situation is a little different. The Wii U isn't even out yet, and the PS3 has this massive install base already. All PS3 owners need to do is purchase a Vita and they have a Wii U like experience. Whereas they'd have to buy the Wii U (likely much more expensive) to get similar features that what are already available on the PS3. "

You still won't get the same experience because the Playstation 3 does not sync. the same way with Vita as the Wii U gamepad and the Wii U will. You will also see way less support and the same scenario the Move was in.

"We'll see, though. Sony has been known to **** up great plays before. And turning the PS3/Vita combo into a Wii U like experience could be a perfect play for them. They just need developers on board."

As i said earlier, the two systems don't syncronise the same way. It's also not as easy due to two completely different hardwares.

This feature will be very limited and is likely to work much better with the Vita and the Playstation 4 combo.

killerhog2781d ago

I like how it's the 'WiiU experience' and not the 'playstation experience' as some of the features were done with the ps3/psp and the wiiU isn't even out yet.

iamnsuperman2780d ago

What the Move needs is more third party support. It would be nice to see the move compatible with Battlefield (works very well with shooters) and Sony need to encourage this by doing games like this for the move. I can see why they do not as the move hasn't sold a load (especially recently) but it is that risk that (I feel) sony should take

DA_SHREDDER2780d ago

Can't play Mario on a Sony platform, just like you can't play GOW on a Nintendo platform. Just do what I do and get both.

herbs2780d ago

The move is marginaly more accurate than a wiimote however it lacks any kind of feedback (rumble, speaker) has less buttons and is less versatile. The wiimotion+ controllers (which will apparently be standard for Wii U) are better in every way without the glowing Pom Pom on the end ;p

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killerhog2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Yeah compare a controller that comes with the console by default and a controller that came out years later and is OPTIONAL.

How did the eyetoy and ps eye stack up with kinect you say? It does everything the kinect does years before the kinect actually came out.

Yeah kinda like how you can save your save file from a ps1 (ps3) game to your psp and continue off of it and vise-versa? Im sure it can be the same for Sony's cloud storage. Don't count Sony out just yet. But it just seems everyone is dismissing what the ps3/psp and ps3/psvita can do so when the WiiU comes out people can yell "Sony copies" though Sony did it long before.

JellyJelly2780d ago

Maybe it would make more sense to compare the Vita/PS3 to the Smart Glass/360.

t0mmyb0y2781d ago

I dunno the Move is the most accurate controller I've ever used :D

Getowned2781d ago

I don't know I would say my mouse was more accurate. Mouse and Keyboard FTW!

Axecution2780d ago


Totally agree about the mouse obviously. But the keyboard? hell no.

Left analog stick and east-to-reach pressure sensitive buttons with motion sensors blows the keyboard out of the water.

t0mmyb0y2780d ago

The mouse is not a 'controller' it's a mouse. Game console controller then lol. Yes the mouse is the most accurate, but it doesn't move in a 3D space.

miyamoto2780d ago


Getowned just "Got Owned"
by you.

Getowned2780d ago

Thats obviously not what I meant, but some people just love to argue semantics. -_-

Obviously I know a mouse is not a controller XD I was sure everyone would know whay I meant and not try to argue semantics(I was wrong apparenly)

BTW, love the pic, lol Ricky, Trailer Park Boys for LIFE!..I really miss that show!

I do like the left analong stick as well, the main reason to crouch or knife but other than that I could live with out it. I guess Im just really use to the M&KB that it dosn't bother me at all.

-Back to main point-

Weather or not it is a Controller, you do use the mouse and keyboard to controll your games (so really that is a moot and arguable point)as common knowlage (I hope) M&KB will always be more functional and accurate than a gamepad or the playstation move, obviously. Move was a good idea but sony dropped the ball, I did have high hopes for the device but -sigh- just another thing in my house collecting dust.

@ axelstone

That was kind of a lame comment, can't you get more creative ? Call me names or make fun of me or what ever sure, but that was vary lame if your going to try to "call me out" per se, please come up with some thing more original than a play on words, but what ever that was probably the best you could come up with so, cheers!

t0mmyb0y2779d ago

Lol it's all good. I just assumed from the 90% disagrees everyone thought I was a douche :D I grew up with PC gaming. The Mouse n Keyboard are the best for FPS...however the Move works pretty good to :) I just meant games like Tumble (block stacking game) it really shows other possibilities that games can do.
P.S. TPB's 4 Life

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mewhy322781d ago

Well that was a very tell article. The author makes a very important point. Eventhough the ps3/vita combo is very impressive it's still just 'emulating' what the Wii-U is doing. Secondly not every ps3 owner has a vita and 'Every' Wii-U will have the small screen controller. It's a case of millions and millions of Wii-Us vs 3 or 4 million vitas. Face it. It's business and profit. Wii-U is a sure thing and the Vita/PS3 combo isn't.

k-dillinger2780d ago

yea in the case of kinect Microsoft spent how much to market it half a billion thats unheard of in the games industry where the eye toy what 15 million yea they bought that lil bit of success they had only to outsell move by what 2 million smdh

dale_denton2780d ago

you mean how did the kinnect stay up againts the ps eye?

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T3mpr1x2781d ago

I would love to be able to use the Vita as a controller on some games, with Wii U-like capabilities. I'd save my game to the cloud, then resume it on my Vita. Sounds too good to be true, and with Sony's track record of supporting their handhelds, it might be. Then again, Cross-Buy seems so promising...

CommonSenseGamer2781d ago

Cross buy....honestly, you have that now with minis.

Hicken2781d ago

Not even remotely the same thing. Unless you're implying that PS3 AAA games are equivalent to $5 time wasters. And coming from you...

I'm not even going to get into what cross-buy is with you, because you know full well what it is. This is just more of your trolling that, somehow, goes unnoticed in every instance.

Shnazzyone2781d ago

Only problem, Vita's baby joysticks.

IRetrouk2781d ago

They come from good stock though.

Waddy1012781d ago

You will be able to use your PS Vita as a controller for the PS3 in the v1.80 update.

PopRocks3592781d ago

Well, we won't really know until both the Wii U and PS3/Vita combo are in full swing on the retail shelves at the same time.

Bossman1122781d ago

the issue with the ps3/vita is the ps3 is older so it cant handle these things that well in some cases and will cause lag which is not wanted in games

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decimalator2781d ago

The Wii U still isn't as powerful as the PS3 despite being "newer".

For low-bandwidth communication between the PS3 and Vita, there is blueooth which is the same tech that the Dualshock controller uses. Bluetooth I think goes up to about 3 Mbps, and it's pretty low latency.

For higher bandwidth communication, the PS3 and Vita can communicate over a point-to-point wifi network. as long as they are within a reasonable range they can get 54 Mbps, which is enough to stream video. Think about it... you can stream HD movies easily over a 10 Mbps Internet connection. wifi has 500% that bandwidth. The Vita has plenty of processing power, as does the PS3.

Bossman1122781d ago

it is more powerful where on earth did you get that it was not ?

kneon2781d ago

The Wii U is almost certainly more powerful than the PS3, but remember that the Wii U architecture requires that the screen rendering for the controller be done on the Wii U so it's resources are split between the two screens.

With the Vita being a full handheld console it can run it's own game code and do it's own rendering. As far as the PS3 is concerned the Vita is just another controller.

alexcosborn2781d ago

The Vita operates completely independent of the PS3, so that's not really an issue.

3-4-52781d ago

Wii U remote is going to be used by more dev's than the Vita.

Not everyone who has a PS3, has a Vita as well.

But everyone who buys a Wii U , will have the Wii U tablet controller.

That should be enough for that article to have never been written.

Can't believe people get paid for that.

mamotte2781d ago

You said it all. Can anyone here imagine a game publisher making a game while saying "our game is awesome, but you'll need a PS3 and a Vita to play" Madness.

TheRacingX2780d ago

No, but they can say our game is awesome and if you have a Vita to connect to your PS3 it will be incredible, giving you additional features and playability. Nintendo already did it with Zelda: Windwaker on Gamecube, if you connected a GBA, it opened up new features using the GBA. If you didn't you still played a great game. Sony can do the same thing here, even more-so because where with the Wii U you have to leave the system on to play the game on the tablet controller, AND stay in range of the Wii U system, with the PS3/Vita you can jump right over to the Vita and keep playing, you don't have to be tethered to the PS3 to keep playing. Sony really needs to play that right on both fronts, yes, the Vita can be used as a PS3 controller with extra features just like the Wii U tablet, BUT unlike the Wii U tablet, your PS3 game becomes truly portable with the Vita , something you CANNOT do with the Wii U tablet controller...

GribbleGrunger2781d ago

But your saying that based on the assumption the Vita/PS3 combo has to equal or beat the Wiiu in sales. It doesn't have to. I'm going to be playing a Wiiu like experience before the Wiiu comes comes out and the levels I make with it will be played by thousands and thousands of others with the same DLC (LBP2)

Now, we can argue all day which is going to be the most successful, but what it actually boils down to is that the Wiiu experience can be had on the Vita/PS3 combo. We can also argue all day about people having to buy both and ignore the fact that 65 million PS3 owners only have to buy the cheaper Vita for that experience.

It's not a competition, it's just an alternative that some people might want.

3-4-52781d ago

The Wii U experience can't be experience with the PS3/Vita combo.

But it's own unique experience can be had and can still be great.

One isn't better than the other...but considering you get the option standard on one and you have to buy something extra on the other makes a difference.

PS3/ Vita combo owners get their own unique gaming's def not the same though.

zgoldenlionz2781d ago

Id like to point out almost no developers outside Nintendo used the wiimote or motion plus for that matter in new and exciting ways. So assuming 3rd paty developers will use the new wiiu game pad because it's packaged in with every sale is a flawed idea. 99.9% of all wii games did the same gimmicky crap and added nothing to the game experience. And I'm going to bet the farm it will happen again. That doesn't mean I won't eventually pick up a wiiu to play 1st party games.

Jihaad_cpt2781d ago

and no one has a WiiU yet.

beerkeg2780d ago

I bet more people will have a Wii U than a Vita by the end of the year.

miyamoto2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Do know how to read an article on topic?

The article is comparing the two systems on a given premise that there is a PS3 console with a PS Vita unit on one hand and a Wii U console with a Gamepad on the other.

Then you go off saying " Not everyone who has a PS3, has a Vita as well."

How will there even be a comparison if the PS3 or Vita is absent?

Use some logic.
Don't try to twist the topic but stay on it.

PS. And those who agreed with you are the bigger

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