GameInformer | Way of the Samurai 4 Review - This Samurai Should Find A Different Way


While reviewing Way of the Samurai 4, a curious crowd formed around my desk because the game can be downright bizarre. The weird characters and odd scenarios occasionally works in its favor; Way of the Samurai 4 is trying something different, and I can admire it for that, but I didn’t enjoy myself while playing.

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Xof2789d ago

Game-Informer hating on a Japanese game? How shocking!

Emilio_Estevez2789d ago

I didn't read hate there. He says the story and comedy are entertaining, but the gameplay is dated and basically sucks.

Silver-Hawk2789d ago

If they think the gameplay is dated then they must have rated most Wii games 6 or below.

jc485732789d ago


which they kinda did.

ronin4life2789d ago

I never liked GI. They always seemed off base and even a little Bias at times.